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    How to welcome a bride in the family

    How do you welcome a newly wed girl in your family? She is not only the wedded bride of your family, she is a lot more than that. With this marriage, she becomes somebody's "Chachi" or "Maami" or daughter-in-law and so much more. So, basically a marriage brings a world of new associations in a girl's life. Most of the times a bride is so afraid, that she is not prepared for such a big change in her life all of a sudden. Here's how you can welcome a bride in your family:
    1. The best way to welcome this new bride in the family is to introduce her and her family members to all of your family members on the week the wedding takes place. She will feel more at home this way.
    2. The bride is afraid of committing mistakes. Let her make mistakes. Don't be judgmental. Always remember you were new to a family on your wedding day. Accept her mistakes as you would had accepted that of a newborn baby.
    3. A bride feels herself like a newborn in your family. She knows nothing about your traditions and culture. Teach her, but slowly. Don't spoon feed her everything on the first day of wedding. Make her learn your culture gradually and organically.
    4. Scold her when she goes the wrong way. But, do it as if she were your own daughter. Scold her as you would scold your own daughter on making a mistake.

    I hope these pointers will help you make the relationship of your bride with your family the strongest one. I know this as I have myself experienced this during my marriage.
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    For a bride it is completely a new atmosphere. The place changes. The surroundings change. The people around will also change. It is like a new birth to her. So how you take care of her when she comes to your house to everybody. Today she is new. She may have a fear and she may be very much obedient. Taking this as an advantage if somebody misbehaves with her. After sometime she will also feel comfortable in the place and she will start showing her power. So Everybody should be fair with her and treat her as a new family member. How you expect that your daughter is to be treated by their in laws, the same way you should also treat her. That will bring a very good understanding and she will also be good with you forever. These points should be kept in mind and treat a daughter in law like a daughter which will make your home a happy home always for her as well as you also.
    A good thread by the author.

    always confident

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    Every Bride is afraid of going to her new home.
    Her new home is a new atmosphere for her. It's important that you should make her feel comfortable. Introduce her to everyone, spend time with her taking to your locality and much more.
    She will slowly adjust to your home. You should talk to her like her parents, not like in-laws. Being fair and just with her is must. Don't take an advantage of her being new to your family.

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    A bride must feel comfortable in her new home and this can happen with the new family members only. Treating as your own daughter/sister/sister-in-law will comfort her. This can be done by praising her when she does something good, just smiling at her silly mistakes instead of scolding, giving her treats, giving her simple surprises and finally making her feel that this new home is no different from her birth home.
    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    In the simplest of terms, the family that welcomes the bride should not compare the new bride with their own daughters, elder daughter-in-law and apply the same, not to compare with similar people in the relatives or the neighbors' house.

    The moment the elders of the house start doing this, life would be much peaceful for the new arrival. Similarly, the daughter in law also needs to stop comparing the in-laws to her own parents or brothers or sisters. Both parties should allow time to go by, the ice to break, avoid extremes of affection or rudeness, follow the middle path. Lastly, if one's own daughter is in difficult times don't take it out on the daughter-in-law who is enjoying the new-married life

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    Nice thread from the author, Actually on the day of the marriage there should be meeting between all the members of both the family and they should introduce each one and also have some brief talk.With that the new bride would be familiar with all and she would also gives respect to whom it is must. If the girl was not introduced , then confusion galore takes place. And it is the duty of the husband to introduce every one to the wife and that is the real way of starting new life to the bride.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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