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    What does the Economic Survey state?

    The Government of India has submitted the Economic Survey as a prelude to the Budget for the next year (2018-19). The Economic Survey has been prepared by the Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanaian. As per the Survey, India's economy is projected to grow between 7-7.5% in the next financial year (2018-19). The export and private investment are going to improve in a significant manner.

    The Survey has further stated that there has been a 50% increase in the number of indirect taxpayers. The growth in direct tax collections of the Centre has kept pace with the previous year and is expected to meet targets, with a growth of 13.7%. Indirect taxes grew by 18.3% during April-November 2017.

    The Survey has clearly stated that the States' prosperity is positively correlated with their international and inter-state trade. For the first time, the data on the international exports of states has been dealt with in the Economic Survey.

    I also find that the Survey has mentioned that the incentive package boosted exports of readymade garments. The Survey has also pointed out that extreme weather adversely impacts agricultural yields in the country.

    Overall, the Survey has presented a good projection of Indian economy in the next financial year.
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    The survey has given 5th place to the State of Telangana and overall 70%b export income has come from the first five states only. I don't know what are the other four states. The survey says there is an increase in the income taxpayers and more IT returns were filled by majority people this year whose income is around 2.5 lakhs per annum. It states that income tax collections also increased. The projection for the growth rate for the coming year is 7 to 7.5%.
    Overall it seems the survey has given a positive note on the present financial growth of the country.

    always confident

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    But who will explain the Survey to the doomsayers? Is anybody capable of doing that job?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Time and again our Finance Minister and PM were on records that immediate reaction to work done by Modi government cannot be felt and it will take time realize to the result.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes, I had a brief glimpse of the summary in the newspapers. The expected growth rate is in line with that of the 7.4% IMF figures issued for India. I was surprised that, he too is not sure why the stock market is zooming so high. But, he has advised caution about the run and that Government many need to step in to save the small investors. He has stressed upon macro stability.
    Glad, that there are indications of increase in tax payers and exports. The Government is also aware of the difficulties to be faced by the agriculture sector and a drop in income to the tune of 15-25%. So, we can expect some good boost to the agriculture sector, focus on the ease of exports and increase in number of people paying IT. I'm interested in knowing the stimulus package or plans for the jobs under the Make in India.

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