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    Welcoming a newborn in a family- An Amazing experience

    I don't know how parents feel when they welcome a child in their family. I don't even remember the time when my brother was born as we have only 2 year difference. But I know the excitement of waiting eagerly for a new member in a family it was my cousin who was the first baby I saw and remembered every memory of it clearly.
    I was around 12 year old and my brother was 10 and children of my paternal aunt is also of same age when my cousin was born we all were waiting in the house for the arrival of baby decorating house and thinking about the baby. But when he actually arrived we were all shocked as he was very small , smaller than our imagination we wanted to hold him but elders didn't let us to hold him that day but we were even happy just seeing him smiling. I still remember every detail of that day how we made it special and annoyed our elders by demanding various thinks for the decoration of the house.
    I am not talking about once own baby but just any baby you saw for the first time in the family. How did you welcomed the baby when you saw one in your family for the first time.
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    This post has every chance of winning the tow contest. Yes it is always a great moment for the family members to welcome the new member. Especially for the elders at home it is their dream come true experience. More than the parents the elders would make all pre arrangement for the new member to have the great life ahead. They engage in making sweater , muffler, small inner wears and so on. All this make them busy and they take extra care in nurturing the young one. In some homes the new mother wont be allowed to work and the elders would attend all her needs unless and until the child gets to grow to a walking position on his own.
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    It is true. Very recently I had the experience of inviting my granddaughter to our house. My daughter in law delivered a baby girl. She(My Daughter In Law) was with her parents and came to our house on 11th of this month. That means my granddaughter came to our house first time on that day. My wife and my second daughter in law decorated the house. Displayed a welcome board with my granddaughter's name. A lot of happiness around. So When as an elderly person, I have so much joy I can understand the joy of children when they are receiving another person to play with them. A good experience. Really I appreciate the author for the way the matter is presented. I am happy to see the post what I intended to write was already here. An excellent attempt by the author. I wish the author all the best.
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    One of the memorable, sweet and adorable moment. Indeed its a very memorable day welcoming the newborn into the family. A beginning of a new generation starts with them. I find it very funny when elders, especially grandparents say that he will become a doctor, engineer etc. Who knows what the new baby is destined to be! In olden days they used to decide his/her spouse too, as soon as they are born. Irrespective of that, welcoming a newborn to the family means a fresh life, a new era and immensely auspicious ocassion. It is time to celebrate.
    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    My experience is beyond this worldly affairs & If someone could imagine the creation therein.

    How they shaped into this & in what language do they think & react. What they have carried with them & what the arrangements have been done on behalf with this nature & what they are going to be in the future.

    Everything seems to be unrealistic at once & then all along the child grows-up & we are not that much caring now. Time changes very slowly but the same time quite fast that much goes unnoticed.

    And so the life is. It goes on replacing us with the new comers with the old one disappearing & new taking the position.

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    A nice thread recollecting the memorable events of a new arrival in the family.
    We have the first arrival of a baby girl in our house. Everyone was excited about the expected baby.
    I must agree with you the first few days, the baby was nothing like we have imagined, the cries, the smell of nappies were something we had an idea about but never seen in real life up close.
    Once, the little one started smiling and making sounds for every talk we made, then things changed. We would take turns to hold her, play with her, take her out to walk.
    Everyone's life centered around this bundle of joy. Whatever time grandparents or menfolk came home, they would always spend time with her before and after dinner.
    When the baby starts crying, then everyone would be concerned and be giving their advises as to what needs to be done.

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