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    Realization- I could have reacted in a better way

    Many times, we face some situation so suddenly and simultaneously that we don't know how to react to them. And later when we realize that we could have reacted to the situation in a better manner the time would have already passed.

    For eg- Many a time people come to return something and I just take the thing back from them and later realize that I didn't even invite them inside the house. How big a fool I am?

    If you undergo such a situation and realize later that you could have reacted in a better way, what would you do? Don't you feel like a fool in such situations?
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    If you feel that you should not have reacted in such away, it is good you have realized. It is a sign of maturity and you need not think that you are a fool. Remember, if someone thinks that he is always right and never feels that he should not have reacted like this/that, it is a clear indication that he is still immature and trying to fool himself/herself.

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    Normally we get excited and get confused on seeing persons who were never expected to be met. In that melee we wont even follow the etiquette of inviting inside the house and ask them to sit a relax. Yours is the classic example. Once we went to a relative house after a long long time and never informed them so as to pay surprise visit. Since evening , she was cleaning the threshold of her house with broom stick And she was surprised to welcome us and in that melee she forgotten to keep aside the broom and hugged my wife with the broom on her hand. I could understand the excitement and coolly snatched the broom from her hand and then she realised that she has done a great mistake by welcoming with broom. Likewise while arranging tea for us, she fumbled to put the milk on the tea pot and thus some milk fell. So all this confusion galore happens when we see some persons so close to us suddenly.
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    The way we react to a certain situation shows the level of maturity we gained so far.

    Being a human being we bound to act in a most efficient way but still we can't be perfect so there will always be remorse in our act as anything could have been dealt with slightly better way. For example after reaching office we regret of rash driving & we pledge of leaving early so that the next day we would be in time but yet again our schedule remains the same.

    Now while purchasing certain commodity we bargain but later on we would have felt that the we could have given a lesser quote.

    In another scenario we in a situation wherein this lead to a say a small fight. It happens.

    So at one time we do feel remorse than at other time we enjoy which again depends upon the scenario which is nothing but on our way becoming perfect which again is never possible.

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    Yes, you are absolutely right sometimes such situation occurs. Sometimes we unexpectedly met few people and we react without thinking anything. When you realize your mistake, its sign of maturity. But just remember that you are not a fool. It happens to me also and later on, I realize my mistake. Being a human being we want to act in an efficient manner but still, we can't. So it happens to all of human being, don't feel that you are a fool.

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    If we are relaxed and expect someone asking questions or calling on us, we can have some idea of what it is going to be. Often, when we bump into known people in a busy market or in the parks, both parties are lost for words for a few seconds, after some body langauge of welcome, they start speaking, once we move on we realise that we have forgotten to ask about the upcoming function, health of someone who fell sick at their home etc.

    Similarly, I've seen at our homes, when the bell rings, kids open the door, take something or answer a question for the neighbors and close the door before we can have a chance to speak. We adults also have done this sometimes. It would appear rude, so we talk to them later on. I don't think anything is wrong. It is just a matter of human nature to be pre-occupied in such situations.

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    Sometimes it happens. As you have the maturity you thought that you might have invited them inside. That itself speaks that you are able to understand your mistakes. Many people don't do that. They think whatever they have done is correct.
    I used to go to my relative's house when I was doing my graduation to handover some items which were being given by my grandfather to give them. I used to go to their house during my lunch break. That man also used to take lunch at that time only. He used to say, please sit, I will have my lunch and come but never asked me whether I had my lunch are not. I was in a hurry as I have to give that to him and go to the hotel to have my lunch and then go back to afternoon college. I used to think why this man is making me sit like this and those days I used to miss my lunch. But that man not having a little courtesy even to offer me drinking water.

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    Out of excitement or sorrow, we do forget how to react properly and later realize that we could have reacted in a better way. It is understandable and people will oblige for such simple things. We can react again by greeting them home through the phone or at least thank them in a more convenient way if you meet them again. It is all because of the state and presence of mind. Since the unexpected thing happens, we almost forget what to do and we enter into a moment of trance. A relaxed mind will always think of better ways than an excited mind.
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