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    I had a dream! A dream that we changed!

    One fine summer morning in the Swiss Alps, life was peaceful,
    At a discrete resort, the who's who's of social media gathered.

    It was the mother of all summit were all rivals had assembled
    to discuss, to negotiate, above all to earn and survive!

    The stakeholders of google, facebook, what's app, twitter, yahoo,
    instagram, shareit, and youtube had joined forces with greed.

    It was simple decision to charge an annual subscription charge,
    Messages, images, videos, emails, uploads, downloads to be charged

    The world woke up next day morning to an utter chaos and shock,
    All they got was a message about charges, stunned by what followed.

    Their money was getting wiped out at a rapid pace.People now understood,
    their social media life was billed, every minute, second, as fast as they used it.

    People went into survival mode, gone were the endless forwards, countless
    videos sent, what's app administrators gave up their groups instantly.

    Behold! the world was back to good old telephone, fax, telegram days,
    Using it only when necessary, locking their fingers when not necessary.

    By a month, a miracle had happened, children and adults were
    playing in the streets, parks, grounds. Family dinners were like festival
    dinners where everyone sat at the table.

    Children were happy , Fathers, more affectionate, mothers, more loving,
    Teenagers fit,full of energy. Stress and psychological issues vanished.

    Bankruptcy was declared by social media giants, mega internet providers,
    the gadget makers and the app inventors and all the mobile companies

    All had only one question. God! how could you allow man to think?
    Is it true that man can change for his own good?

    I woke up from this pleasant dream, hoping it to be true! Wouldn't you hope too?
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    What a change that was dreamt so nicely but when the author woke it was again the routine life. Yes one day or the other it is going to happen. People would shun social media like whatsapp. facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube etc and that day will be new rising sun in every ones life across the world. People are discarding their routines, their , children are not listening to elders, youths have gone crazy over selfie photos to be shared and thus total choas has been happening . So there would be a revolution soon that the people would be forced to shun the social media at least for 5 days in a week.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I think the author dreamed what he is desiring. Many of the senior people are on the same wavelength. The school going children abstaining from the school and spending whole night on their mobile and sleeping early morning. So they are missing the school. For them, there is no difference between day and night. They all live in the virtual world. They don't want to see the reality. This had happened mainly due to the social media. Once that is closed everybody will go back to their original Pattern. But I don't know whether it will really happen.
    No contacts with the people around you, no discussion even with the family members. SIt on the laptop or mobile. The day is gone. If really such a revolution comes and people forget about the virtual world and come on to the ground, nothing like it. Let us pray that the author's dream will become a reality shortly.

    always confident

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    Let that dream be dream. You see, humans have changed not because of the social media or internet but we've "evolved" to satisfy the need of today's world. In other words, humans were always like this. We just need an excuse to enjoy our loneliness .
    And social media is looking as strong as ever .
    Just like how MySpace was replaced by Facebook, one site will lead way to another.
    There's no end to it.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    It's just a fiction write-up. I agree we need social media,cylical changes with new arrivals, sensible use is fine, but do we need it to such extents.

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    You have brought out a very serious issue through this creative write-up. I agree that it may remain a dream but it is also a fact that at some point of time in our life, we all yearn to get back to those days when we all had time for each other, when we could speak our hearts out instead of sending out coded messages, when children could play in the open grounds while elders could enjoy some discussion etc.

    But, I am of the opinion that we can still spare time for ourselves and for each other even when we are busy with the gadgets; just learn to keep them away when you don't actually need it. Mobile phones have become an integral part of our body itself! I was reading in the newspaper today about the irritating heights the selfie mania has attained over a period of time. People taking selfie are not bothered about the surroundings nor about the feelings of others.

    I agree with the author that we should become more sensible while using the modern gadgets; maybe they cannot be avoided but the usage can be definitely limited.

    “Give instructions only to those people who seek knowledge after they have discovered their ignorance.”-Confucius

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