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    Can we make fats our friend?

    Fat! It is one of the three main types of food, other two being carbohydrate and protein. But nowadays, health-conscious people don't even want to pronounce this word. According to most of the people, fat is very harmful and we must avoid food-items which are rich in fats. But is it true? Is fat so harmful? Can't we make fats our friend?

    Nutritionists say there are two types of fats. Good fats and bad fats. Good fats are good for our health. Healthy fats fill us up faster than refined starches and keep us feeling full for a longer period. Various studies have shown that consuming healthy fats can positively impact insulin levels, and reduce Type 2 diabetes risk. But what are good fats? How can we make fats our friend? What are the easiest ways?

    Let us replace our butter with ghee, or replace our refined cooking oil with coconut oil. Let us avoid red meat and start taking fish instead. These three simple steps would help us to cut down bad fats and increase the intake of good fats.

    Are these steps so difficult? Why don't we try these for at least one month?
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    I agree to the author that fat is one of the main types of food, and it is essential to be in our diet. There are many diet types exist in order to stay healthy. One of those famous type of diet is LCHF. It is Low carb, high fat diet. In this diet, they encourage to consume more of fat content.

    Good fat and bad fat is purely depend upon for body mechanism. People, who do more physical activities, can convert any fat food into energy. whereas for people who are doing limited physical activities can't fire the good fat too. So, fat food is essential. it can be a part of our diet, but physical activities are necessary, if we need to get whole benefits from it.

    I am fond of all cheesy items and I never make sandwiches without cheese. Now I am fusing dosa with cheese and making cheesy dosa. So, I personally will never say no to cheese. I am not sure, whether it consist of good fat or bad fat, but I like to consume diary products. They are part of my everyday's diet.

    Sri Vetri
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    By having more fats in our cooking process daily we are inviting various health related problems to ourselves. We all know that butter contains the most fat content but on seeing the Amul ad children are tempted to eat butter and we are forced to have the butter on the dining table. Likewise for every Bhrahmin having a one or two spoon full of ghee is the must before starting a meal. And we also end the meal with curd rice. All these factors goes into making obese in us. But I really wonder as to how the elders of our family lived with same type of eating and yet never confronted with obese or other health related problems. Well the normal cooking has been shifted to using refined sun flower oil and either too we were accustomed to use the groundnut oil which is again considered to have obese content. But seldom we use the coconut oil for the cooking except while preparing Avial , the mixed curry recipe.
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    Fats shouldn't be shunned completely. Fats are as essential as other nutrients and required for certain bodily functions. It is the excessive use of fatty foods that is bad, the key is moderation and consuming healthier oils.

    Gram for gram, fats have the same calorie content. So, no matter what oil you use, it has the potential of making you fat, if not eaten in a controlled manner. Also, not all fats have the same nutrition quotient. Some are high in saturated fats which are bad for our health. Others have moderate to high levels of good fats (monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats) which lower bad (LDL) cholesterol and boost heart health.

    Too much of anything is bad, and healthy fats can cause obesity too.

    We are advised to restrict fatty foods because oil, when used for deep-frying, is generally recycled. Reheating and reusing oils turn them carcinogenic. People also turn to hydrogenated oils and lard when cooking in bulk and both types of fats hamper our health.

    Making healthier choices makes sense. But, healthier oils are costly and most people end up compromising their health, by opting for cheaper, but less healthy oils.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    This is a misconception that Fat is not required for our body. There are many uses for fats also. But too much consumption is not good. Especially oils which are having unsaturated fatty acids are not good.The refined oils are not good for the body. We can use coconut oil, olive oil and Sesame oil. Don't use the reprocessed oils. They are very dangerous for health.
    Carbohydrates are also not good for the body. They are getting easily digested and make us eat more. So better to take fewer carbohydrates, and taking more proteins and required quantity of fats will keep us more healthy.
    Recently a new concept is in much publicity. It says stop completely carbohydrates and eat only fat and proteins for a few days so that your weight will come down. But fats quantity and type they will advise. Once we reduce our weight we can be as usual.

    always confident

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    #625756 - On the contrary, carbohydrates are very essential - they supply us with energy. It is carbs that fuel your body. If you look at any Food Pyramid Chart, you will notice that it is carbohydrates that form the base of the pyramid. They are recommended in huge quantities - in fact, diet charts recommend between 6 to 11 servings of carbohydrates for a balanced diet. Carbs are not bad, it is the types of carbs that we eat that can be bad.

    A whole grain product would be better than something made from refined flour. Both are carbs, but the former provides essential nutrients. Carbs also provide fibre which the latter lacks. Almost 40% of your calories must come from carbohydrates. Not all carbs digest quickly. A breakfast of oats is said to make you feel fuller longer.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    I'm for healthy living with the limitations that we can have for ourselves. I always feel uncomfortable when I read detailed dietary information coming out. Where is it coming from? Who are the participants? How did they come to the conclusion that A is good, B is bad. Lastly, it is relevant for us?

    We just need to see the information we get from the West, chocolates are good for the heart, every 6 months you get reports that either tea is good or coffee is good. In between you get some reports that fat is 'not bad'.

    One just has to read how statins ( medicines for cholesterol) have been markted over the last 30 years. There are many reports about how data has been interpreted to favour the companies and brand.

    Just looking back on relatives in our own families, I still have a couple of great grand-parents, many cousins of grandparents who are going strong at 80 or 90 yrs with just porridge and a cup of home brewed herbal drink. If I visit my villages, I seen many elderly people walking a couple of kilometers without needing someone to hold their hands. Did anyone regulate their diet for the last few decades, they just ate what to they could afford. Comparing the relatives in my city, off hand I can list the number of people at a very young age who are on many medications despite being health conscious.
    I know, there would be many reasons for this disparity and we cannot compare in a strict sense but it just make me think that we should take these diet reports with a pinch of salt.

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