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    Do not let people who are prejudiced to demoralize you.

    People are going to judge you if you do something slightly different from the way it is normally done. If you walk differently, you talk in a different manner, your accent is different and your culture is different, they are going to have prejudices about you. These judgemental people are just to demoralize you and to make you stop half-way. Take their judgments as a negative motivation and push yourself into your work with more focus.
    The only thing you can do is to do your work, whatever, the way you like and not giving any heed to their taunts and judgments. Your work will speak for you.
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    What I advise that be yourself. Every one has the niche to create an impression to sustain the attention of others in different way. Some of us are creative in giving punch dialogue in between the conversation and that attracts many, some of us have the habit of cracking jokes on every matter the others say relating to the recent happenings, some of them are fond of having dig at other when we meet the close friends. All these are inborn quality of each person which cannot be stopped nor curtailed. And being own is the best way to live. No doubt those who are near us seems to be friends and well wishers, but they do pass comments which would hurt us. Never mind take those comments lightly and forge ahead. By ignoring them, you are giving them the silent warning without even protesting and thus asking them to mend their ways in future.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    You are right, some people are bound to demoralize others. when someone is jealous of you then he will surely demoralize you so that your motivational level will be lowered. Mr K Mohan has given a right advice that you should be yourself. If you do something in a different way, the people who feel jealous of you will start to demoralize you.
    Don't take their words seriously. Just live your life as you want to because this is the best and the happiest way to live your life. Those who act as our good-wishers are the biggest source of demoralizing. Just don't bother about them, simply ignore them. Live your life to the fullest. Stay happy and stay calm.

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    There is a saying in Telugu. If an elephant walks on the road many dogs will bark. So when you are doing something different in a different way you will get noticed by many. Some people become jealous of you and they will try to divert you from your focus. If stop and start answering and convincing everybody, you can't be at your destination on time. So just don't care for those, and go ahead with your plan and prove that you are worthy of what you are. Then everybody will be silent. You need not talk but the results will talk. The essence is you need not worry about the people who are not having their own merits but talk about others badly. They are nothing and they are not going to be your future competitors. The result is as expected you will be on top and all will start looking at you. So always make a target, focus on the target and go ahead.
    always confident

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    These are judgments by biased shallow people, these should not deter you from what you do. We are always watched by people around us, the moment we deviate from the traditional or the regular path, we will catch the attention of these experts who will have already formed an opinion about us and the path we have chosen.

    Sadly, the very same shallow narrow-minded experts would not be able to walk a few steps in the path that we have set upon. Hence you will be ahead of such individual's. As long as what you do doesn't comprise on the principles that are dear to you, you have to proceed to turn a deaf eye to these comments and jokes.

    Now that you know the difference, use them as further motivation to complete the task, boosting your confidence and once your successful, these comments will die down automatically. That's what I do every time I come across such people.

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    People often forget the saying 'Don't judge a book by its cover' and try to be judgemental always. I have experienced this. Inherently I have a loud voice. Even though I try to talk normally, my voice appears to be high and people judge me that I am shouting or yelling at them. I slowly learned to be myself rather than demoralizing myself from such naive comments. The best thing that helped me in this regard is to keep my cool and explain calmly if a person judges you are pass comments on me. Yes, their shallow behavior helped me a lot and to be honest I should thank them.
    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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