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    Should a country have a cycle of democracy and military rule?

    Each form of government has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. There are countries with democracy well established (like India) and there are countries where military rule(some African Nations) exist.

    In a democracy we enjoy the freedom of speech, action etc. Day to day work is civilized, decisions can be questioned, people are considered and represented by duly elected members to draft policies in the best interest of the people.
    But, we have corruption, inequality, violence, scams, and unemployment. Every policy, rule etc takes time to be decided.

    In a military rule, we lose the freedom of some basic rights, things move faster, there would be discipline, violence, and corruption would be dealt better.

    So, like the best of both worlds, can a country have few years of military rule interspread between years of democracy?
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    Every country has their own problems. Be it India or any other country. The only difference the scale up to which these problems exist in different countries. Democracy is misused in our country to a very high extent. In the name of freedom, there are plenty of mishaps around us. Corruption, crime, robberies, rapes, drugs and much more. I guess having a military rule as a cycle of rule after few years of democracy will not help in eliminating such anti-social elements. Considering huge demography of India, it is not possible and even if we implement it, it would be a difficult process to handle and maintain it.

    The system is formed by people, the leaders are appointed by the people, the government works for the people. The common man is the foundation of any country, not only India. A weak foundation will not support a good building. So the change must begin with us first. What can you expect if a common man won't change himself in the first place? No matter how many rules are passed, how much stricter they are, we can't find the change unless people change.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    The good thing is for any topic or subject on which we intend to have a discussion, we can have the live examples as well which can support in our decision for being right or wrong.

    We in India, never had a military rule. But "The Emergency" the 21-month period from 1975 to 1977 could be an exception wherein we didn't had freedom of speech that shouldn't have happened.

    The democracy implies wherein the government are meant for, for the people, of the people & by the people & work for the common cause which is for the country as a whole. The military rule doesn't implies the above & everything does shut down as we can see during the time of Curfew.

    There can't be a comparison within the two as no one would prefer to be into military rule prohibiting them from their common rights like meetings & speeches & movements. In another way the military rule is good whenever the above acts incite hatred among people which is evident from the news of J&K.

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    In our country, many people misuse the freedom given to them. A person driving a car will never follow strict rules. He never thinks that what he is doing in against law and merrily do that. He will be ready to lose a few bucks if he was caught by the police. The reason is in our country the people who make the rule breaks the rules by themselves. Rule makers are the rule breakers in our country. A person who murdered another person can roam on roads without any problem after taking the bail The courts will take their own time to finalise the case and penalise the culprit. The politicians can do anything they want. So in our country, the democratic system may not work and we may require a permanent military rule. But as expressed by the other authors, it is of no use to have some time military rule and some time democracy. Because the people have to make hay while the sun shines. During democracy the people in power will try to earn as much as they can which will be a big problem for the payers.
    always confident

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    Military rule comes into force when the civilian government functions as rogue and wont care for the people. India is having the best democracy and the people have their right to elect the choice of their own government and therefore there is no need for Military to interfere in governing affairs. When you take the example of Pakistan, it is vulnerable that even the terrorists can take control of the government and even get the hands into the nuclear facilities and create havoc, In such cases the Military would be vigil and have full control of the movements of every political leader there.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I just raised this thread because, in legal matters and in governance, once we get used to a system, we tend to accept it with all its faults and shortcomings. In the bargain, we ignore the other options. Nothing great but we become predictable. Once we are predictable, we are vulnerable to be taken for a big ride.

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