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    My AdSense revenue from Ask Experts is more than that of articles

    This is just an observation from my side. I keep on asking many questions and this habit has helped me a lot. Along with knowledge, I am getting good AdSense revenue from Ask Experts section. And to my surprise, it now goes beyond the article section by AdSense revenue. The URL Sections has helped me to find this observation.

    Hope you also have some observations in AdSense revenue report.
    What's yours?
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    First of all, my hearty congratulations for getting more revenue from Adsense. I see you asking questions in AE section more frequently and am trying my best to answer them. Your questions are quite unique and very interesting. Your questions are making me research more, tune my knowledge and contribute more. Indirectly your questions are helping me too. Keep up the good work and I will also contribute and answer to your questions in much detail.

    I have integrated my Adsense account yesterday. I need to see how my contributions here will up my revenue. I will keep a track of it.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Congratulations on getting more revenue from Ask Expert questions from Adsense. I also see your questions. I am also trying to answer to the best of knowledge. Recently I have applied from Adsense and I am waiting for the reply.
    always confident

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    Just an observation, I hope I'm wrong, but the thread conveys a message that asking more questions in AE section is a good way to make more money. I hope this wouldn't be counterproductive to others or AE guidelines in ISC.

    Questions are always welcome, we also learn along with you or anyone asking the questions. Well done on your adsense revenue. Good luck

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    That is the trick Paresh. For reviews and informational articles there are reputed websites which easily outrank ISC but "How to" is something for which competition is less but demand more. ISC is able to utilize a large number of contributors to generate a lot of such different "How to" pages and hence is able to get a good traffic.

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