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    How to add author information or profile below article ?

    I have been seeing an author profile after an article is finished in ISC. I think this feature is new and was not available when I used to write articles. I want to know how to add this feature. I want to add my information to my articles. What are the steps to be followed for this feature to get active to my profile or posts?
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    The author profile at the end of an article is the Article Footer. Here's how to include the info -
    1. Go to the Dashboard page of your profile.
    2. Click on the link of 'Edit Forum Footer'.
    3. Type in briefly the info you wish to put about yourself in the box for 'Article Footer'. The text should be less than 256 characters.
    4. Click on the button 'Save Footer'.

    Let us know if you are having any problems in adding the article footer.

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    You can do it through the Dashboard. Go to your Dashboard. Next click on Forum Footer. That will take you to a page that allows you to add details to the Forum Footer and Article Footer.
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    Thank you, Paresh. Your question and the responses to your question educated me also about this Forum Footer. I never thought about it. I have also submitted a few articles to this site. Hereafter I will also try to add this form Footer in the articles.
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    I have just written some articles, this feature would be useful. will try it out. I feel, It should sound like a brief true bio about the author and his/her core interests/skills, rather than qualifications and achievements.

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