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    Did you remember our Martyrs today?

    This is with reference to the thread on paying tributes to our martyrs posted by Mohan.

    I was just feeling curious to know as to how many ISCians have observed silence at the stroke of eleven and had paid tributes to the Mahatma and remembered all those who had sacrificed their life/ lives for the freedom of our Motherland. Even if you didn't observe silence, did you remember that today, the 30th of January, is observed as Martyr's Day? Just an afterthought.
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    Today at the stroke of 11 AM in our Organisation all the works were stopped and all people stood up and the silence was maintained for 2 minutes. This is how we have paid our tributes to the Mahatma Gandhi and to all those we sacrificed their lives for obtaining freedom to our motherland The India. Today in Hyderabad all radio stations especially FM station are playing all patriotic songs only as a tribute to all these people. I remember that today is the Martyr's Day.
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    I read the heading of the thread and saw a half page informative poster about Martyr's day in Bangalore's Indian Express paper. That jogged my memory otherwise I would've not known to be honest. Now when I noticed that the first thread was locked and I found this second thread I realized the reason, some of us like me would not have been aware of the significance of the time w.r.t Mahatma Gandhiji, some wouldn't have remembered to observe the silence. Our salutes to the father of our nation and the other freedom fighters on this day, the Martyrs' Day.

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    I don't need to keep silent to show my gratitude to our Martyrs. I feel its like doing candle light after some big incident and then forget later. The real respect is in my heart, in my mind for such people. I feel whatever one will do or show, its not just enough.

    However, I am wondering what went wrong with Mr. Mohan's thread? If that is lock then why this thread is allowed with same subject?

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    I am also echoing what Mr. Jeet Singh has stated. Why a separate thread on the same subject? I observed silence, but I could have mentioned it in the thread of Mr. Mohan.
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    I do remember today as the 'Day of Martyrs' we did not maintain the two-minute silent sate as most of the people do across the country. I do feel that expression of gratitude can be within the heart and need not be expressed as a compulsion. It is good to do that but it is my modest opinion, I have no objections either. But I will object if someone forces this on me. The feeling of respect and gratitude must come from the heart and not by forcefully rubbing your ideology on someone else. I do respect all the martyrs including our Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi but in their honor, if someone forces me to do something, I will definitely won't comply.
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    Yes I have observed two minutes silence at the stroke of eleven as the traffic was made to wait for two minutes in Secunderabad and thus felt having paid tribute to the martyrs.
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    Some people can not observe silence at the particular time owing to professional compulsion. But, it is more important to remember the Mahatma and his teachings and other known or unknown freedom fighters who gave their lives for the country without any selfish motive. Ironically, the present politicians who are enjoying the fruits of hard work of these martyrs , make a mockery of the event.

    In some of the government offices, this day is celebrated as a burden and I found some government servants mocking this event and passing disgusting remarks about the Mahatma. I remember Mahatma Gandhi, Netaji and his army, Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekar Azad and many more who gave their lives for a cause. Every body contributed his part in achieving freedom. I also remember this day for the first religious terrorist act in the history of Independent India.

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