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    When the true sportsman spirit blossomed between the two teams...

    It is very nice to see a friendly atmosphere and the exhibition of true sportsmanship between the two neighbouring under 19 Cricket world cup teams. Both Pakistan and India were playing the semi-final match and we all know that India rushed into Finals by beating Pakistan by 204 runs. it is an amazing victory.

    But the highlight of the game I find is that Pakistan's team putting their hands together when Indian batsman Shubhman Singh scored a century. It is a rare gesture that opposition team members often display it on the field. Also, the Pakistani bowler helped the batsman in tieing the shoelaces of the Indian batsman. Such scenes would help in reducing the bitterness between the two teams. And everyone should understand that it is a game between two rival teams and not between two enemies.
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    It is very wonderful to see such an amazing sportsmanship. Amidst the political and terrorism controversies between both countries, such a gesture will enhance for a better future relation. We must not mingle the sport with any other criteria such as border security controversies, politics, and terrorism. As a younger generation (under 19) these sportsmen proved that all these ailments are kept aside to prove that they are better as humans than brainwashed politicians or leaders.

    Well done Pakistan and hearty congratulations to team India. I wish and pray that you win the Under - 19 world cup against Australia in finals. Best of luck.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    That was a wonderful gesture and encouraging too when we look at it as human beings. The sportsman spirit exhibited by the rival (not enemy) teams should be emulated and nurtured to enable a better platform for discussion that can lead to peace and brotherhood between India and Pakistan. I totally agree that we should try to join hands in areas where we can while still holding on to our claims so that violence and bloodshed are contained.
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    This post to be forwarded to Prime Minister Modi and Pakistan PM Shahid Khan Abbasi!

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    I have never seen a match between these two countries in such a cordial way. This is really appreciable. The way in which Pakistan players and our players behaved very sportively and maintained a very good atmosphere on the field. As a country, Pakistan is not in good relation with our country. We always hear some or other involvement of that country in the happenings of our country and many times it is proved also. Actually, the two countries are not allowing their players to play with the other country. Only in some world matches only we are facing each other. Even though the teams are Under 19 teams, both the teams showed an extraordinary maturity in this match.
    My congratulations to Indian Under 19 team for winning the semifinals and entering to finals. I wish and hope that our players will fare well in the finals also and become the number one1 team in under 19 teams also. The disciplined and systematic work of their Coach Rahul Dravid is giving dividends now. My appreciations and congratulations to Dravid also for making the team the best.

    always confident

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    "But the highlight of the game I find is that Pakistan's team putting their hands together when Indian batsman Shubhman Singh scored a century. It is a rare gesture that opposition team members often display it on the field"-----Is it really a rare gesture? I have seen this on hundreds of occasions. When a batsman scores a century, the fielding side also claps to appreciate the achievement. Even in India-Pakistan matches, I noticed this many a times. This is perfectly normal on cricket fields.
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    A great gesture of sportsmanship from the Young Pakistan players at the under 19 semi-final match. Wish the Indian team win the finals too.
    Some would agree that the rivalry, intimidation that Miandadh, Afridi, Imzamam used to show were partly for the crowd and the politicians and partly for the true bitterness between both countries.
    I remember Afridi being very vocal in expressing that he liked most Indian players ( except Gautam Gambhir).
    We've seen the fielding team waiting for a batsmen (who would have scored a valuable double ton) to leave first. All members coming on the pitch to form a guard of honor when someone is player their last test match of his career. Such things makes it more unique and worthwhile for people watching the game.

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