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    One Nation, One Election - President of India

    The Honorable President of India, Mr. Ramnath Kovind has proposed a system of "one Nation One election'. Though this method has been proposed by many political leaders in past, it is the first time The President of India has done the same. He asked all political leaders to come to a common opinion on this proposal. He gave his speech addressing the two houses (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) together for the first time. There was a huge applause by all the members when he set out this proposal.

    With this method, the Lok Sabha elections and the assembly elections for respective states are held once together. There are continuous elections held throughout India in one place or another. This is costing a lot of funds, resources, and human effort. With these continuous elections, there are always hurdles to the development. With one nation, one election policy these deficits can be overcome in a single go. Election Commission (EC) of India has also announced they can get more EVM's (Electronic Voting Machines) ready by this year-end if this bill is passed.

    If this process really happens, we will all witness a new history in Indian Politics.
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    Yes.The present government is seriously trying for this one nation, one election policy. Once it is implemented we will save a lot of money and time. It is a good idea to bring down the election expenditure. Presently the elections for assembly and Parliament are being done separately. So two times we will be having the expenses. The publicity also two times. The government employees also have to spend more time for making the arrangements, monitoring and conducting. Once this concept is introduced we all will vote at a time for both Parliament and assembly. For us, it will become easy. For political parties also their expenditure on publicity will comedown Overall on all fronts the election expenditure will become less. But there may be a problem for voters because they may see the leaders only once in five years in the new system but presently they are seeing them at least two times, once for MLA election and the other for MP election.
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    Holding elections to state and Parliament seats has been the main agenda of the Modi government and they are pushing for consensus among the parties. For Congress too it is the compulsion to agree as the party is not having enough funds thanks to demonetization and after effects. Other parties are also having breathing problem to fight elections in one state or the other every three months and hence in the broader interest of the country to save lots of money for the party,candidate and the country, one election for state and Parliament would be the must criteria to be agreed by all.
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    Funding an election process is a huge resource burden for the Government and the candidate. It is common knowledge that money flowed like water in elections a few years back, the entire thing would be unaccounted funds.
    Every business industry is struggling with stiff competition and large party donations would be difficult to get. Hand in hand many governments have launched numerous subsidized schemes for food, housing, education, employment etc, all these would be indirectly sourced from giant corporates and industries.

    It would be good practice to have one election with all parties sticking to their own election manifesto and not forcing people to link the party at the center with the party at the state. If the elections can be held with fairness and transparency, then it would save a lot of logistical repetitive expenses including manpower(election officers, police and the central security forces).

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    I agree with the 'One nation, One election' slogan. This will not only reduce the election cost but also saves a lot of resources including manpower. The time during which the code of conduct is set, most of the government works come to halt or postponed. This will delay the development work in the state and center.

    I agree with the fact that 'One nation, One election' is difficult to implement because it is just an idea and one needs to work hard to convert this idea into reality. This can only possible because of participation of every citizen of this country. We should respect the law and order during the election process.

    Let us hope for the best.

    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
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    Paresh, did you forget the guidelines?
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