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    Are we respecting our National Flag.

    We are all very proud that we are Indians. We respect our Nation. As per the court directive, we have to stand and hear the national anthem in the movies also. We all will try to attend the flag hoisting ceremony on 15th August and 26th January without fail. With that, we feel we are very good patriots. We never see where is that flag the remaining days. Certain points if we see or hear we feel ashamed. The other day a have seen in the social media a student walking on the flag without any respect towards it. Today I heard that a southern state's Chief Minister has used this national flag as a napkin. These leaders who are making their living by the grace of the people and the country, but they have scant respect for both. Otherwise in which country people will tolerate such leaders who don't know the importance of National Flag.
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    Just now I have read this on another website. The great Sid did this great act. The libus are as usual silent. The people of the state are also silent. But I do hope that they would remember this great action of Sid and reply him in a proper manner in the ballot boxes very soon.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The national flag has to be drawn down from the post and it must be folded with respect without touching the ground , Such is the sanity of our flag and every one should respect it.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There have been many such instances where common people and political leaders have disrespected our national flag and brought dishonor to the country. There are strict laws those who disrespect the national flag, sadly for common people. These actions are not taken against the political leaders. There were many instances of sportspersons and celebrities doing the same. For example, tennis star Sania Mirza disrespected Indian flag twice but no action was taken against her. So sad that even the laws for such things are not applicable to these 'great' people.
    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Sometime back we had the Indian flag designed as a doormat by some insensitive people in Australia.

    When leaders use shawls or shalyas that have the national tricolour, they should be very careful because one is the respect we should have for the flag and second is that these events would be recorded and would be circulated countless time and the issue gets worse. Sometime back I got a what's app forward of our PM using a tricolor muffler like cloth while doing yoga.
    These are basic things that public figures, sports personalities all should be aware of because such acts make a dent in their image perceived by the citizens. The best way to reduce this apart from self-awareness is the organizers or the secretaries to these VIPs to keep such important things in mind and avoid the embarrassment.

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    The political leaders show that they respect tricolor or national flag for political compulsion or a ritual without really meaning it. We have seen so many congress leaders with tricolor dupattas around their neck. We have seen even our present PM wiping his face with such tricolor dupatta on the International Yoga Day. There is a flag code and every citizen of this country has to follow it. The politicians are first the citizens of the country. I have seen parents purchasing national flags on the Independence Day and the Republic Day. The next day we find these flags in garbage boxes or on the road .

    The flag code should be followed very strictly. The Tiranga Yatras should also be banned. I have seen disrespect of National Flag during such Yatras. Politicians are using such occasions to shine their politics and to show off their fake nationalism. If we will not respect our national flag then who should we expect to respect it. The parents should discourage their wards from such disrespect and ask them to follow the flag code strictly .

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    Tiranga Yatra must be organized in greater numbers. The people including the political leaders must be taught about National Flag and Flag Code. They must also be taught to respect other National Symbols. Examples must be set to teach people the consequences of showing disrespect to National Symbols. This is the duty of all ideal citizens of the country. If this is not done, many more Kasganj would happen.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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