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    What is the difference between good friend, best friend, true friend etc

    Many people differentiate their friends as good friend, best friend, true friend etc. They say you can share everything with best friend but not good friend. But what I feel is, if a person is your best friend, then definitely that person must be your true and good friend. I agree we don't share all our secrets with everyone though a person is close to us but we do share it with a person true to us.
    So do you feel there is a difference between good friend and best friend or do you also feel that there is no any difference?
    And these days I have seen people sharing their personal matter even with neighbours when they get a little close to them. What is your view on this?
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    Nice definition sought by the author. According to me the good friend is one , who is best among the lots of friends we have to whom we have daily interaction and exchange views and other things. The best friend is one who has already proved his mantle by being with us in good and bad times. And the true friend is one who wont leave us even when we chide him, abuse him and beat him. Such friends are rare and every one does not get those friendship. Nevertheless good friend, best friend and the true friends can be made out with our best behavior with them. If our attitude changes they also may change.
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    I personally feel there is no difference. A friend is a friend. Although we don't share everything with all friends except one or two, I will be unable to differentiate the different 'kinds' of friends. Every friend is a good friend and I will not define a good or best or a true friend by the criteria of sharing personal things. We may not share somethings with anyone and keep them to self. The only meaning of a friend to me is a person who stands by you in both good and bad times, supports you, criticizes you, encourages you and motivates you. He/she can be more than family for some people and that is the extent where a friendship can go.
    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    I am of the feeling is a friend is a friend. All friends are same. There is no difference like a good, true and best. We will have many friends but we will not share all the matters with all. We may share with one or two, basing on the issue and who can help us on that particular issue. These one or two may also vary from issue to issue. The friends will be changing from time to time. Our high school friends will be different, college friends will be different and university friends will be different. Again when we enter into a profession we will have different friends. Actually, a friend is the person who helps you when you are in need. Even in books also no definition is given for different types of friends. But these days many people will be your friends but if you get any requirement they even don't look at you. We should not call them a friend.
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    Friendship doesn't come in various sizes S,L,XL etc, I think it's just the way we look at it and the way we connect to people.

    For various reasons, a few among the circle of friends are appealing to us, maybe it's their enthusiasm for life, their positivity, their true support or just a simple fact that we all in the same boat as them with our issues/difficulties in life.

    I think,once we find common ground with a few, we exchange person matter,seek advise for problems, we often use them to unload our emotional baggage that we cannot do with our family members for the fear of upsetting elderly parents, troubling the spouse etc.

    Based on what I've learnt in life so far, the way I would look at friends is, true and opportunistic ones. True friends standby you even if you shout at them, they don't hesitate to support or oppose our views, they call back or keep in touch to see how we are without waiting for us to call them. Most importantly, they drive some sense and reality into us when we lose it.

    Opportunistic friends are easy to make out, they hangout or constantly in the background if we are in good times and are of use to them. Once our use in exhausted, these people just drop off like dried leaves of a tree.

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