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    Broken Crayons Still Color

    The title of this post 'Broken Crayons Still Color' can be aptly used for the cancer survivors who suffered a lot of pain, obstacles, and struggled in life. Coming Sunday, 4th February 2018, is world cancer day and let us raise awareness about how cancer can be cured and the misconceptions people have regarding cancer.

    What is Cancer?
    Cancer is a group of diseases with an abnormal multiplication of cells. These abnormal cells can be confined to space (Benign tumors) or can Spread to other body parts (Malignant). While there is no serious threat as such from the benign cancers (until they grow into abnormal sizes), it can be treated easily. The more serious threat comes with malignant cancers. They spread to other body parts from their point of origin and also multiply in other body parts.

    People must be aware that treating cancer has been improved a lot in present days. A few years back most people have approached doctors only when the cancer is in advance stage. Nowadays due to increasing awareness, cancer is being detected in early stages and is cured completely. There are many advancements in treatment methods also. People have a misconception that there will be hair loss, oral ulcers, rectal bleedings etc when they undergo chemotherapy. This is not true. Like diabetes, cancer is also a longterm disease that needs to be treated for a prolonged duration.

    Some people because of fear that they will be diagnosed with cancer, do not approach doctors. They delay this so long that cancer multiplies into an advanced stage. This is not a correct approach. The sooner you recognize, the faster is the treatment. Albeit there are many cases which are completely cured in advanced stages, it is advisable not to delay if you are doubtful.

    These days a special treatment called "Precision Oncology' is available. In this method, the gene responsible for causing cancer is switched off so that the cancer is cured completely without any chance of relapse. Some cancers cannot be cured completely but the progressive symptoms can be reduced substantially with the present advancements in medical oncology.

    Most Common forms of cancer in men:
    Lung cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, rectal cancer, lip cancer and throat cancer.

    Most Common Forms of cancer in women:
    Breast cancer, cervix cancer, intestinal cancer, ovarian cancer, oral cancer and rectal cancer.

    Do not hesitate to meet your doctor if you find any abnormal symptoms. This disease can be cured completely and more quickly if detected at early stages. Make sure you get cancer marker checkups done regularly so that you can diagnose cancer in early stages if you are affected. Spread awareness among people that this is not a dreadful disease and can be cured completely.
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    A very good and useful information about Cancer. As you are in the medical field what I suggest if you can make a good article on the subject and if you publish on this site it will be useful. These days there are good medicines if we detect the problem in its early stages. I know some people who suffered from cancer but get cured and leading a happy life. But the detection itself is a very long process and three four tests are to be conducted stage by stage to whether it is Benign or Malignant. The 4th February 2018, is world cancer day is not known to me earlier. The city people are very much aware of the problem and they are taking necessary steps to recover. But in the villages and remote areas, this awareness has not come so far. The medical community should think of bringing awareness among the village people also by conducting awareness programmes and health check-up campus on that say so that at least some people can get saved by this.
    always confident

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    @DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao,
    Sir, I will consider your advice and try to submit a detailed article regarding raising awareness, research and present advancements in treating cancer affected people. Thank you for giving this tip.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    A good post by the author. An apt title related to a disease that can be curable or deadly depending on the type and the time delay in diagnosis and be starting therapy.

    On World Cancer day, let us help to spread the message about cancer, the treatments, and support available for life after cancer. We should also break the taboo about cancers (like cancer can spread by simple contact like shanking hands, hugging the patient etc).

    It is disheartening to see that the cost of cancer care has shot up significantly, I have known people taking loans, selling a property to get cancer treatment. The Government needs to have an adequate number of centers in each state that are linked to an apex premier cancer institute. Treatment should be free or subsidized based on the income and affordability.

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