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    What do you do when you are alone?

    As our life seems to be running around the clock there will be sometimes for students who live at home with parents, husbands, wives, grandparents to stay alone. This can be because the other family members might have gone on a trip, vacation or for a religious visit to some other places. They may be gone for few days to few weeks.

    Until before they went, you have been dependent on them directly or indirectly for your daily activities such as food, washing clothes, daily chores etc. Since their sudden absence, it will be very difficult for the people who need to manage all these things on their own.

    So, what do you do when you are alone in such situations? How do you manage your daily schedule? I want to know especially how working people manage everything when they are alone.
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    If I am alone I will not make any food in the house. Early morning I will make a cup of coffee and drink. I will take my breakfast while going to the office. My lunch will be taken in the canteen in the office. For dinner, I will manage with a glass of buttermilk. After coming back from the office in the evening I will be spending my time on my laptop When I was young if I was alone I was going to a movie once in three days. But now I stopped going to the movie alone. So I will watch something on youtube. House cleaning and washing utensils and clothes washings will be done by the servant maid as usual. I can manage like this a week or ten days.
    When I was young my wife and sons were going to our native place for summer vacation for about a month or so. At that, I used to feel a little. So after ten days, I used to just make a short trip to my native place and come back. This is how I used to manage.

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    I haven't been truly alone. But I try to cook something or do something related to art when I'm alone.
    I watch documentaries mostly on tv. Play few games. Go for a walk.

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    On those happy but rare occasions when my wife and my daughter go somewhere, I enjoy life king-size. I do whatever I like, I eat whatever I like, I enjoy drinks which I desire. I watch the news channels, I read without any interruption.

    However, happiness is not uninterrupted! My sister and her husband, who live in the next block, always check what I am doing. Even my parents call from Kolkata to check whether their eternally small child is safe, or not!

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    When someone is not at home, the sudden silence is obvious,. Then we enjoy the solitude for a few hours and then we wish they were around with all the noises and playing going on.
    I get down to getting some coffee and breakfast, go over a few important task related to payments, deadlines. Once back from the office, listen to some music. This is the best time for organizing documents and basically re-arranging the files in the laptop. Then fix some dinner, watch a good movie.
    Washing stuff in kitchen will be a daily before bed event. Clothes would be once in 2-3 days. Life goes on.The only thing is finding things where they are, especially in the morning before leaving the office. If it's a holiday, I enjoy reading a novel and sleeping in the afternoons.

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