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    How do you welcome a New Colleague in your Office?

    Often a situation arises in your office, say it as a Multi-National Company (MNC) or private firm where new people always join in your respective departments. They can be freshers or experienced individuals. Some have more experience than you. How do you feel if a new person sits beside you at your office desk? Do you feel shy to talk first? Do you wait for him/her to talk first? Do you inquire about his/her previous company and experience? Most people ask the question 'In which company you previously worked?'.

    How do you get along with your new colleague so that you both share a pleasant work experience and establish a rapport as soon as possible?

    Share your ideas and experiences.
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    It is very common these days many new people will be joining and some people will be leaving. When a new person joins the organisation, our HR department will send him a welcome email with copies to all the HODs. On the day of joining our HR department person basing on the rank of the newly joined person will accompany him and introduce him to all HODs. Generally, in our organisation as our section persons will have lunch together on that with the new person as a welcome treat. This will make us become more friendly with him. This is how we will welcome a new person.
    When a person leaves also we have a tradition of giving farewell party to the outgoing person and the company give him a gift as a memento in recognition to his good services during his stay in the organisation. All seniors will also attend the party and the company will be giving a dinner to all the attendees.

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    I don't know much about MNCs or other private organizations. But a greenhorn in Government offices has to suffer little bit leg-pooling. He/She has to give a treat to the other persons of the Section/Wing. Earlier, I used to enjoy this mild ragging very much. But nowadays, as the Divisional Head of Administration Division and a bald-headed middle-aged man, I have to remain sufficiently serious and guide the new recruit about the basic rules and regulations of the Government. I have to explain the pay structure of the Government, his/her duties and responsibilities and also I have to arrange his/her cubicle/chamber. Nowadays I can't take part in the leg-pulling of the new recruits.
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    It would be testing times initially when a new employee especially midlevel joins an office. We get a picture and a brief bio and the role of the new addition. Someone from the team takes them around to meet the key people.
    WE have a very useful introductory session for the new people. Just a video that plays for half an hour about the firm while they have cup of coffee/tea.
    Then, we let them settle in for a few days, just a few social exchanges, lunch and coffee with the team. After a couple of days, tasks are allocated with someone around to help them. Then the actual skills that they have and how we should match it or modify it for our office and roles are discussed. Once we are past this, we get to personal details/ background etc.
    Errors for the first few days are ignored and then a little feedback about the practical office yes and no's are discussed.

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