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    Does ISC pay you for posting questions in ask expert section and forum discussion topics

    It would be great if someone can let me know if ISC pays for posting questions in Ask Expert Section.Also, do they also pay for forum discussion topics?

    What is the limit set for such post?
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    Alas! No! If ISC starts paying for asking questions, I would post at least 50 questions per day. For Forum discussion also, the answer is in the negative. But good Forum posts and most appropriate responses get some cash credits.
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    ISC does not pay you to post questions in Ask the Expert section. Answers are paid based on the content, quality, and relevance from (Rs2-Rs10). You can find more information below.

    Updated policies for AE w.e.f. 20th December 2017.

    For forum topics, if you post a thread you get 5 points.Again if the content is very good and relevant to all, it gets enhanced points and some cash credits (around 4-10 rupees). If your reply to a thread is of good quality, then it can also attract a small cash reward.
    Active group discussion thread and competition thread attract more points and cash rewards based on the quality and participation.

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    ISC will not pay any Cash credits for the questions posted in Ask Experts section. But they will pay for the answers basing on the quality, relevance and quantity. May it be as low as Rs.2/- It may be more than Rs.10/- also.

    Coming to threads, in General, for posting a thread or posting your comments on the thread no Cash Credits. But if the Editors will be reading all the threads and their responses. If they found anything great in the thread or in the comment they may be given some Cash Credits.
    The site will be conducting some competitions and the winning threads may get better points and CC. Another award they are giving for the Thread of the week award. the editors basing on their review they will be selecting good thread and giving them the TOW award. The prize may be given for more than one thread. They will consider some threads for special awards in the same contest. But the selection is purely at the discretion of the Editors.

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