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    Can we have a Comments invited box for Articles?

    I have been reading articles and commenting whenever I find the time and if the article interests me. There are excellent articles that would be accessed by non-members.

    To encourage readers and visitors to leave a comment about the article can we have an addition. After the Article author footer, can we have a 'Comments invited' text box?

    'Did you like the article, was it useful, do you have any important information that would enrich the article quality. If yes, please leave a comment. Non-members are welcome to leave a comment using their Google or Facebook account.' (just a few lines of text, something along these lines)

    I think this would make the readers (apart from non-members) think of leaving behind a comment.
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    After every article ends there is a response or comment box beneath every article and that space is enough to append the view, suggestions and even lodge complaint and the authors need not seek extra attention.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I think in the present set up also non-members also can make a comment if there is anything that wants to convey their opinion about the article. If I am wrong I can be corrected. But as told by the author, there is no request in writing for comments. Adding that will be good and it may motivate the reader to write a few lines about the article either appreciation or suggestions or some additional inputs. This may give some scope for the author to upgrade his article also in further times. A point that can be thought off. Anyhow the think tank of the website will decide on this.
    always confident

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