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    Today the moon would seen in blood colour because of total eclipse.

    Today the total lunar eclipse is going to occur in the evening and can be seen with our naked eyes. Total lunar eclipses are also sometimes called Blood Moons because of the reddish-orange glow the Moon takes on during the eclipse. In some parts of the world, the eclipsed Full Moon will be a Blue Moon. It is also almost a Supe rmoon, prompting many to call this eclipse a Super Blue Blood Moon eclipse. It starts at 4.22 pm and completes at 9.40 late evening. But for Hyderabad people the moon may not be visible as it will be beyond horizon.
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    It is a very rare happening. Super Moon, Blue moon and Blood moon. All the three are coming together. That is why this happening is called "Super Blue Blood Moon". Similar happening was seen in 1982. Again this type of event will happen only in 2037. The moon will be coming nearer to the earth while making round around the earth today and that is why it is called Super Moon. At the same time, if the full moon is coming for a second time in the same month that day is called Blue moon. On the day of lunar eclipse sometimes the sunrays will fall moon via earth and hence moon will appear in a different colour This is called Blood moon.As per the Director, Birla Science Centre, Hyderabad this happening can be seen in Hyderabad after 6.25PM on the east side of the sky and it will continue up to 7.25 PM. This eclipse will be very clear in North America and East Asia.
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