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    Wealthy India- 6th rank in the world.

    Richest country. When we hear this we will remember America as it is the wealthiest country in the world. Now We are happy that our country is just five places away from that country. In the list of The wealthiest countries, our country secured 6th place. A report by New world wealth has indicated the same. As per this report, America is in the first place. Then comes China, Japan, Britan and Germany. Then comes India.The wealth of our country increased by 25% in the year 2017. This much increase during last year no other country recorded. During the last 10 years, our country's wealth increased by 160%. As per that report there 3,30,400 rich persons in Idia. Is it good to note?
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    It is good to hear is one of the richest countries in India. I have read this in today'newspaper. We also ranked 3 in the number of billionaires around the world. The sad thing is, though we are a rich country, we find so much underdevelopment in many sectors, poverty, lack of proper health care systems in rural areas, black money and much more. Everyone is focused on developing themselves and very few think about doing something to the society. You need not do donations or miracles, follow basic rules, pay tax in time, avoid corruption and always be sincere. That would bring drastic changes to the entire nation. I see in the newspaper that India is 6th richest country but I don't see it practically around me.
    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    We had a thread about the wide gap between the rich and poor from the same author.Both threads indicate how one can look at this 6th rank. Sometime back I mentioned about the MNCs and business houses raking in profits as if India is a capitalistic country. I think we are heading rapidly towards that direction.

    In the name of growth, employment and development, the elite class entrepreneurs have made giant strides in terms of personal wealth, Topping the Forbes list with little value or meaning for people around them. We live in a country that is 6th richest in the world but the budget allocated for health is less than some of the big scam that India has witnessed.

    We live in a country where the Bhopal gas tragedy victims and the Endosulphan affected kids from Kerala have to still fight for survival and medical care. For lack of resources, a man has to carry or drag the body of his departed wife few kilometers, a mother has to deliver in the hallway.

    Corruption rears its ugly head everywhere and the rich who have loan dues of thousands of crores of the loan, live a lavish life abroad but a poor farmer kills himself because he cannot repay a few thousand rupees. Just today I read about a tender worth 2000 crores being awarded to a firm worth just 5 lakhs( pod taxi system). Yet, the elite and powerful enjoy almost total immunity against legal action.

    We live in a country where for lack of money, families have to kill their loved ones or abandon them because of huge medical bills. I think, instead of GDP, top 10 richest etc we need to develop the country in a manner that helps the common man and the poor people.

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    For me India's sixth rank is meaningless since the one percentage of population is controlling more than seventy percent of wealth of this country. In our constitution we have promised our citizens equitable distribution of wealth. What is the condition of farmers in India? They are committing suicides and corporate businessmen are enjoying luxurious life even after being defaulters of huge amount of loans. Are we not heading towards a class war? There is a nexus of politicians and businessmen to make farmers a vote bank.

    What is our rank in the WEF's inclusive growth index? There are reports of wide economic disparity in the wealthiest country the USA. There are reports of shrinking middle class in the US. In India there are surveys indicating that the middle class of this country is among the poorest class in comparison to many other countries.
    I do not feel any pride in this. Jai Hind!

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    This once proves that the so called policies and programs of governments are best utilised and the wealthy people made money for themselves. For example getting high loans and then going pauper has become the order of the day and the bankers are also not taking interest to recover the loan. Only middle class people who go for the personal loans and hosing loans are harassed with high interest and even processing fee and thus the honest tax payer is not rewarded. And those who are already rich are getting more fatter day by day and the poverty is staying at the same yard stick.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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