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    Merit Based System for Green Cards - Donald Trump

    As Trump addressed for the first time to both houses of Congress, he stated that providing more job opportunities the main agenda of their government. He also stated that it is their time to move to a merit-based system for issuing green cards for various immigrants of different countries. This will benefit people who have high skills but there is another side of the coin. These highly skilled professionals will not be able to sponsor visas to their families.

    Trump also stated "My immigration proposal is a fair compromise, where nobody gets everything they want"

    What does this indicate? How does this affect Indians who are residing there and who are trying to move to the USA?

    He may be doing a correct thing for his country's good. 'Our country and its people first' is the agenda followed in all countries. Yes, it is true that no one can satisfy everyone.

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    I feel there is nothing wrong with this policy. Why he should invite foreigners when their people are suffering. If other countries are having problems, that will be their headache and they should have their own methods for solving their problems. No one can ask another country to make their people suffer for the sake of other country's benefit. In a way, he is discouraging the skilled people also settling there. If he is not ready to give visas to the family members of the skilled person how he can settle there. Only one way I feel is an unmarried man.woman has to go there and settle. Then marry a person already having a green card there or a person from US nativity. This is the option one will have, I think. It may effect Indians also who want to settle there. This point the US president already hinted many times.
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    We had a thread about Indian Diaspora a few weeks back where I raised the views of many countries ( Middle East, Australia, USA). These countries have to safeguard their interests first for their own citizens, which would be fair. Imagine if foreigners want to immigrate to our country to earn and take back to their own country or for a better life, would we agree? No we would defend ourselves, the same thing is being done now.

    I think, this merit system from Donald Trump is just the beginning of the potential issues our Indian Diaspora would have to face in the coming years. All those countries which welcomed Indians with open arms are now raising one obstacle after another to make it difficult for us to immigrate.

    What we need is to accept that a new life abroad is not an easy rosy dream. The Government needs to plan properly for our own graduates and in the unlikely event that countries start sending our people back to India.

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    Right from his induction in the office of the President, Donald Trump has been thinking on ways and means to provide maximum job opportunities and deny the plum opportunities to the immigrants. But the Trump administration failed to understand that without the Indian work force there, the Americal software companies cannot survive and now the merit based green card is some thing which will be protested by those Congressman who side with India. President also in the compulsion to fulfil his poll promise and thus this overtures. But there would be some concession for Indian immigrants.
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