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    Where to upload invoice details in Isc?

    I have a query about the payment process. I got to know that for receiving payment we have to download the invoice and when payments are announced we had to fill it and upload it. I want to know that on which page invoice is uploaded.
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    Go to help topics. Click on Payments. That page will open up. In that page click on how to receive payment? A page will open up and the complete procedure is given on that page. In that Page, you will find download the invoice. click on that and the invoice will open and get downloaded on the computer. When ISC announces the payments, in the table of cash awards, you will find opposite your name and the amount and the invoice number also will be given there. Basing on these details fillup the invoice with all the asked details and then upload the same. For uploading the invoice you can go to the payments. For more details, you can open the following URL.

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    On verifying your profile just now, what I gather that you have earned 64 rupees so far from various contributions. For getting the payment from ISC , you have to reach the threshold of minimum payout of rupees 700. When the payment is announced every 1st, if your name is announced, then you will find the invoice details also beside the payment instructions against your name. Then you have to mention your bank account, ISC invoice number and bank details so that the amount would be transferred to your account. So first achieve the threshold target then the payment would be trickling in automatically.
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