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    Meeting of extremes.

    Mr. Sultan Kosem, the world's tallest man, measures 8'1'' from Turkey was pictured with world's shortest woman Ms. Amge, 62.8 cm height from India, in front of Pyramids in Egypt.
    The meeting was organized by Egyptian Government to boost their struggling tourism industry.
    The giant man's incredible height is due to the condition known as pituitary gigantism which causes the body to produce abnormal amount of growth hormone while Ms Jyoti Agme's tiny stature is due to a form of dwarfism known as achondroplasia.
    Here, my question is,
    Is that good to display the dramatic size difference between two humans due to medical issues for promotion of tourism? What is your opinion?
    Is there any other species than humans with such a size difference between fully grown up adults? What you say?
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    I thought it is a news item. But I don't know that this was arranged by the Egyptian Governemnt to promote tourism in their country.
    If the matter is clearly explained to them with all the details of why they are organising the meet and what they will tell the public about them and organised after their consent, I feel nothing wrong in the publicity. The persons involved also will get benefitted with the money they are getting in the form of remuneration for the participation. Without telling them if it is organised, then it is the fault of the Governemnt.
    I have seen the photograph also in the newspaper.Ms. Amge was appearing, a rat before a hill, before Mr Sultan Kosem

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    We humans tend to have a curiosity for something that is abnormal. If you remember the circus in those days or the travelling gypsies in villages, there would always be a dwarf and person with amazing flexibility to bend or deform. Some people are fascinated with the anomalies like the tallest, shortest, fattest etc. There are few celebrities who pose with a shaved head, few different clothes with noble intention for the sake of charity (breast cancer, abused children etc) voluntarily to attract people to the sites.

    If it's true it is a marketing strategy to attract the attention of tourists. It is like people modelling, we look at ads with the prettiest or handsome model for a apparel or a perfume product. This is also marketing, the model gets paid for it. Similarly, the two people would have been roped in for a advert contract or at least in exchange would have got a free trip. It's an acceptable as long as it is done with a paid contract/charity event voluntarily and not Photoshoped.
    Pictures or adverts are expensive for the time they are displayed on media or even on the internet. So, the creators have to convey the message in a form that captures the focus of the viewers, here hopefully after seeing these two, the attention would go to the pyramids.

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    Despite their medical conditions both lead normal lives. They are featured in the Guinness Book of World Records. They are celebrities in their own right.

    They visited Egypt on an invitation by the Egyptian Government. It was an assignment - a paid one at that. I am sure there would have legalities involved and a transfer of funds. They surely must have been paid huge sums of money through this 'unusual' endorsement. They also need the money to sustain themselves.

    That being said, I do not think that there is anything wrong or any violation of human rights happened. I know for sure that the lady appears in television shows. They may be physically different from the average humans, but they must have the same dreams and aspirations as us, to earn money. As long as the promotion campaign was aesthetically done and there was no abuse, I see nothing wrong with it.

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