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(This thread is the Special Prize winner of TOW contest for the week 28th Jan'18-3rd Feb'18 on topic - Welcome )
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    I don’t know how to welcome him?

    I am in full excitement.
    I am counting every second.
    The time of his arrival is nearing.
    I am not able to decide how to welcome him?
    Am I to arrange banners?
    Am I to arrange Music concert?
    Am I to invite all my relations nearby to welcome him?
    Am I to garland him on his arrival?
    Am I to go and receive him personally in the airport?
    All questions only no answers.
    Not getting any clue.
    My wife is very busy in making some special dishes for him.
    I am still in a state of confusion. Early morning he will reach.
    After thinking a lot I have finally decided to just receive him at the gate of my house with a hug which will explain him my heart for him.
    These were my feelings on the previous night of my son's arrival from the USA. He went to the US on an official assignment. It was three years back he had gone there. He completed his assignment successfully and coming back to India. So it is over three years before I met him.
    And finally, with these thoughts, I went into my sleep and around 5 AM, my wife was waking me up saying that he had arrived. Just I got up and gone to the gate and just hugged him. The hug itself conveyed the feelings of each other silently.

    This is my thread for the TOW contest.
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    How to welcome the son who had gone for foreign tour and returned back was well narrated by the author and the final decision was simple and superb without any fanfare.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    An excellent thread using 'welcome', I've seen families put up banners, many garlanding the person and making a show at the airport. This is a personal decision but a simple welcome with a hug conveys more meaning than the elaborate fanfare.
    It would depend on the occasion and the achievement, if someone comes back after a sports victory, a win in a spell bee contest etc. We've had a surprising experience of distributing sweets to neighbours', not all like it, one such box found its way back to the maid who explained, that one of the neighbours' felt that it was an insult/just a showoff to all that a foreign returned son has come back.

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