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    Indians suffer from Diabetes and Hypertension

    According to the survey conducted by Harward University, USA Most of the Indians are suffering from diabetes and hypertension. According to the survey statistics 6.1% women and 6.5% men suffer from diabetes whereas 20% women and 24.5% men suffer from hypertension.

    With changing lifestyle, food habits, insomnia, and environmental conditions are the major causes of these two major diseases. If people won't take care of these major medical ailments, they will have to meet drastic consequences.

    What are your suggestions to prevent these or to control the progressive symptoms of these two major diseases in India?
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    The first and the important factor to be observed is not to run after money. Give some importance to family and health also. Remember that a healthy life is always better than a wealthy life.
    Don't eat too much and eat only when you are hungry. Minimise your carbohydrate food. Take required quantity of fat and proteins more. Consume as much as a possible vegetable. Eat vegetables like rice and rice like vegetables.
    Limit your sugar consumption. Daily have some exercise like walking early in the morning or in the evening. You can have some limited quantity of fruits that too after properly cleaning with sufficient water.
    Don't be in a hurry for completing the works. Take the time required and don't take any issue to your heart.
    These precautions are very much required for anyone to have a better health. Maintaining cleanliness and hygienic conditions are always helpful in protecting the health.

    always confident

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    India is in the race to become the capital of the world for diabetes and cardiac disease. This coupled with obesity has led to many illness and loss of life at a very young age.
    What we need is basic education and awareness in terms of healthy lifestyle
    Schools should focus a little more on yoga and exercises
    The Government should be stringent on fast food, junk food producing giants
    The level of stress at workplace, families, college going teens should be lowered
    Families should focus more on healthy food, regular exercises and outdoor activities rather than becoming couch potatoes at home.
    Healthcare programs for detection and monitoring should be more widely available at the local neighborhood level.
    We should move away from the mall and food court culture that sells junk food in an attractive manner. Door delivery of junk food is so tempting because you can get food as little as Rs150-200 delivered more for free from many apps that hook us with discount coupons. All the marketing of junk food is made in a manner that its just a click away. We need to change this.

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    In India people lend lots of their ears on gossiping and also getting the details of others and their living. In that process they are spoiling their grey cells. Those who are thinking too much about themselves and the others are bound to have the hyper tension. Those who does not control the food habits or eat at the irregular intervals are confronted with the diabetes disease. Though there are desi way of controlling the diabetes and hypertension, people want to take the help of experts and go for English medicine. Papaya if taken regularly would control the diabetes and those who have hypertension, can do yoga for relax and tension free life.
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    The increasing number of patients of diabetes and hypertension in India may be perhaps because of increasing diagnostic facilities. Having said this, I attribute this to a fast changing life style also. We are forgetting good scientific cultural habits and running an extra mile to show off our faith in outdated rituals to gain position in the society.

    Prevention is better than cure. To my understanding, managing time is the best solution for tension free work at work places. I have seen many executives spend their time over flimsy things and then become tense when the real work comes. Secondly, regular eating habits and limiting over consumption of food even are the important things things to observe for good health. If you can manage your time, then you can find time for exercise and to keep yourself fit.

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