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    How to stop people talking unnecessarily on phone for longer periods?

    There has been a phenomenal growth in the mobile communication area and most of the people are having a mobile phone loaded with affordable talking plans.

    Some companies are providing unlimited calls under some specific plans and that also is within the financial capacity of a large chunk of the population.

    The life has become very easy as you can contact people and get your work done or plan outing with the friends in no time or inform the family where you are or locate a person where he is and things like that are a matter of a few calls today.

    Some people are misusing this facility by talking for a long time and repeating the things unnecessarily. They will not leave the phone till the person from other side stops and closes the call. These people feel that when the facility is there then they should use it whether the call is required or not.

    Due to this bad habit, the communication line is choked with unwanted traffic. The speed and connectivity are affected.

    Such people take 10-25 minutes for relaying a message or information which can be conveyed in 2-3 minutes.

    If such a person is talking to us how to stop him, especially when he is a near relative or friend?
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    You are right Mr. Suresh. There are a few persons who go on talking for more than an hour. One can understand if they are business people. But there are many who simply go on chatting with no contents. I don't know whether I am right, this phenomenon is more found among ladies. (I usually experience this when my wife go on talking with her sisters or other relatives, again to women).
    Here the issue is these people who use phone for long time are those who like talking in person when chances are available. Earlier people stayed close by and could meet in person regularly. This condition do not exist now. Based on different types of jobs people are forced to stay in different places. One in a year or more they get a chance to meet. This is one reason for the overuse of phone. Another reason is idling of people. Here also the housewives are the major group who engage themselves like this. Especially if they are unemployed.


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    It is very true. These days it is becoming difficult to talk to a person face to face as all the time the people are on phone taking some call or the other. Sometimes when we go to meet somebody and for a simple discussion of 5 minutes we may have to sit hours together as he will getting continuously calls and sometimes the calls take hell lot of a time. We don't know whether those calls are important or not.
    As mentioned by the author, some people unnecessarily continue their talk on phone for a very long time. It is inconvenience to the receiver also. But it will never be understood by these people. What I do in such situations is I will just disconnect the phone after completing the important information. If I know the nature of the other side person, I will tell him in the beginning to convey the important matters urgently otherwise I will tell him that I will call him later. By telling so the other person will understand our intentions and he may talk a little fast.

    always confident

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    Thanks Mr.Umesh for bringing this up, like my dream thread, the moment we have a decent charge like the earlier days, people would think twice before making unnecessary calls.
    We all have seen Buy 1 get 1 free offers to encourage us to spend more, similarly, the operators have ridiculously cheap traffic, unlimited talk time, unlimited internet etc. These are like recipes for disaster. When it's free, why not use it.
    The moment a family member sits in a bus or a train, numerous calls keep coming and going, almost like live updates, until the person reaches his or her destination.
    I still feel the only way is to make it not free, make the charges for traffic plans, instruments expensive. Of course, in the long term, the other way would be educating them about the hazards of too much of mobile use.

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    Rather worrying this, my one is different. How their mobile unit hold the battery power and how they maintain the call charges. I am seeing daily morning bus one girl start speaking to some one but not stop or disconnect even after reaching destination stop after 40 to 50 minutes travel. But my fone is to be charged every day though my usage is minimum.

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    I am totally against those who keep on talking over the phone again and again for long hours as if the other person does not have any work to attend. One of my relative is very fond of the cell phone and she keeps on talking over the cell in detail on everything gone through here and knows about every thing that happened sequence wise. In the process some times the battery gets over, or the talk time would be completed and others who try to contact her get the busy ring tone. Phone calls should be short and sweet and one should not repeat the same words again and again and choke the lines.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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