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    Would you support or oppose a Bandh call?

    These days, every outfit that has even a little support from political parties announce a Bandh at the drop of a hat. Any grievance, any damaging remarks against a leader, any potential issue where in they can cash in to increase their TRP ratings, people announce a bandh. It looks like the significance of bandh protest has lost its value.

    It is carefully worded to stoke the sentiments of religion, a particular section of society, of language. Unfortunately the people calling for the bandh realize the hardships to everyone, schools, offices, traffic,transport, hospitals etc. Everyone including the state exchequer suffers, people hate the groups calling the bandh and hence the very objective of arousing awareness about an issue is lost.

    We should have a process for people to air their grievances, there should be a authorization committee to grant permission to call a Bandh. If there is a valid reason, the Bandh call should be authorized after making arrangements for the services.
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    I am totally against the shut down or bandh culture. Why because, just for the small fringe group or the party which wont like something or demand something, they cannot bring all into their grove and observe the shut down. Moreover the organisers of such bandh must know the impact of each shut down and what the loss would be for every Individual who is the labourer who earns daily on work completed. Moreover the Bandh either partial or total is not the indicator of support or rejection of the call, the shop owners fear wholesome looting and arson and hence close the establishments and those fringe groups claim that it is their victory,.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I really don't understand why bandh permission is given. The purpose for what they do will not solve in one day by bandh. The issue will remain the same. Simply by doing bandh they are troubling common man and media is busy with their TRP. Actually all this is political game where nobody can stop it. The only way is not to vote for such corrupt politicians.

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    It is a National waste actually. The country will lose a productive day. The schools, colleges and other educational institutes will get closed. The employees will have to face a lot of problems to reach their offices as they will not be closed and no leave also will be granted as it will be taken as a support to the bandh. The state road transport corporation can't run buses and chances of property loss is very heavy for them as they are more accessible to the people. Mainly people who depend on their daily wages like auto drivers, hotel suppliers, salespersons in the shops will lose their one day wage. We faced this problem many times during Separate Telangana agitation. The politicians try to get the advantage of the issue and they try to create more havoc on that day by moving in groups on the roads threating the shopkeepers who want to open the shops. Thus the total concept of Bandh is a waste concept and none should support.
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