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    Welcome new thoughts

    Today I wish to talk about thoughts of old generation and the recent generation. Now a days most of us are educated but moral values have lost education. In brief previous generation like our grand mother and mother had some good thoughts and even moral in it but now as every body is educated we don't even think of their thoughts and even don't try to follow their method we just ignore it by saying all these are unwanted matter where we don't believe it. But actual fact is that their morals really work well. For example ladies getting up early and cleaning in front of the house and design one small rangoli is actually good for the house and house members because goddess laxmi loves to stay in such house and enters the house where there is clean environment but now nobody cares for it nor they try to keep clean in front of the house. If any elderly people tell at home they abruptly refuse and say if you want you do it. Such thoughts are always rejected by the recent generation these days. According to me such simple moral thoughts can be welcomed by our elders. When they welcome our modern thoughts then why cant we welcome their simple moral thoughts which really has meaning in it.
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    Good thread from the author connecting to the tow topic. Any new thought either coming from younger or the elder must be welcomed and accepted even though it may not be helpful to us as of now. And when we are in group and the advise is passed, it is our duty to accept without looking into the benefit angle of the advise. One thing is sure good advise are always welcome and that will enrich our presence and also the acceptance of the same would enrich our personality too. Because what elders like that their advise should not be rejected no matter you follow or not.
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    The author explained the difference in the thoughts of the new generation and old generation. The main difference what I observe is these days people want to know the reason for anything to believe. But in my childhood whatever elder people say we used to believe. But these days if we tell them why it is to be done they may appreciate and do that. If we tell that cleaning just in front of our house is to maintain hygienic conditions they may accept. But some people will not hear anything and they say thrash. It is good if we understand the feelings of elders and try to make them happy it will be good for the young people,
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    Welcome new thoughts but don't ignore old traditions, I think this is what that the thread conveys.
    As the generation changes, new thoughts and trying to see the rationale behind the old thought process is the norm. Once the younger generation finds that a practice based on faith and older tradition does not give then instant benefit as they perceive, they give it up.
    There are many examples like cutting hairs around sunset, on a Saturday, cutting nails in the evening, seeing a funeral procession and not having a bath, all were prohibited by elders at our home, now it has been relaxed.
    If the same were to affect us in an obvious way, then we would revert back to the older tradition.
    I think we should welcome new thoughts, we should not ignore the elders totally but we should learn to question certain practices and then decide for ourselves whether to continue or stop them.

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