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    Should the Railways boast off for curtailing the rail accidents compared to 2016 ?

    The Indian Railways has come up with Info-graphic that when compared to last year from April to Dec 2016 the accidents across the country has come down. When it was 89 accidents in the year 2016, the accidents during the same period in 2017 has drastically come down to 54. Should we call it proficiency in Railway, or improvement in vigil over the tracks by the Railway or the luck part on the part of Railways that the officials and the Railway workers cooperated in maintaining low level of accidents in 2017. Give your views.
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    It is a combination of both. Whatever care we take accidents may happen sometimes. Sometimes these accidents will get avoided like a miracle. The accidents in rails may be mainly due to the improved maintenance of the track and close follow up of the tracks by the inspection officials. In addition to that, the alertness of the employees also might have contributed to the reduction. The improved safety features may be another reason. All these actions put together the accidents might have come down. The factor of luck also will have its say in this reduction.
    Whatever may be the reason, the fact is that there is a good reduction in the number of accidents taken place and for that let us congratulate all the concerned railway staff, officers and the big bosses for their efforts for this. Let us hope and wish in the coming days the number of accidents will reduce further and the passengers will commute without any safety problems.

    always confident

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    Well done Railways! It is common practice to compare figures statistically for a quarter in a current year vs the same in the previous few years. It is done in sales, revenue, growth, and resource utilization related studies supported by graphs.
    Statistics was be used for or against a particular parameter by just using the figures we want from the study and not seeing the entire picture.
    In such cases, the findings are often multifactorial and difficult to isolate a single factor as the cause. Common sense would say that all the factors that are related to accidents would have received the attention of the Railway staff to result in the lower number of accidents. It would be the maintenance crew, the train drivers, the rail traffic control wardens, the track and signal men all put together.
    Luck and fate deal hands in by surprise in such events and would be in the back of mind and not on paper.

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