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    Doing overtime: Killjoy Vs Extra income

    Most of us would have done extra shifts at some time or the other. It would start as helping out at the workplace during times of genuine shortage or times of emergency.

    Some firms or offices are perpetually short staffed due to budget cuts or other reasons. Here OT becomes a regular feature and the chance to earn some much-needed money becomes difficult to resist.

    Some managers are smart to know the regular staff how would oblige for such requests and rope them quickly to cover shifts.

    But over time eats into the family time for most middle-class employees, it affects more if the mother is at the office doing overtime.

    Would you feel regular overtimes would be a welcome source of a little income or would you view it as a killjoy.
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    Doing overtime is definitely going to snatch our time from spending with family and other leisure activities. People do overtime mainly because of two reasons. One is when they are in need of earning more money to support family or themselves and the other one is to take the work of colleagues when they are in need to take leave. I would say doing overtime continuously will definitely kill our time spending with family and in leisure activities. But, irregular overtime is fine.

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    Over time is the inducement to those employees who fall short of cash and in urgent requirement of extra money to mitigate their other wanted works and thus forcibly agree for the task. Normally over time means you are going to work extra time and also more time. That means if the over time is for two hour over and above the office time, the actual time would be five hours in total as up to reaching the home would count on us. In that process we may have to forgo the living with children, family and there may not be dinner time meeting with all. Moreover the hectic work schedule at the office and unfinished work task would bother you the whole night, and thus the sleep disorder also sets in. All these things make you bored from the life and irritation sets in as you are not at all part of the routines being held at the home and thus you think of why must I toil syndrome.
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    Unfortunately, my entire career is in Management cadre only. So I was forced to work without any limit of time till the targets are completed. I never had the fancy of getting overtime for the work I have done beyond office hours. In a private Organisation, a Manager is a 24X7 worker. But one advantage is there were no time restrictions for attending the duty. I may be a little late in coming to office or I may go a little early if there is some work at my house. But I must keep my phone on and respond to the call anytime even at midnight. That is why I always feel I missed a lot of family life in pursuing my career goals. Anyhow, no regrets you can't have both egg and chicken.
    The choice of having one of the two aspects is with the person. One has to decide to base on his position. But in some organisation where they are continuous in nature, you have to man the activity till the reliever comes. You have no choice.

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