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    Why not make an attempt to reinvent ourselves ?

    Life need not always take us to places of our choice. We may have to take diversions as per situations. But a time does come when you can decide to have a life of your choice; to tread the path you wanted to; to live as you would have if you had a choice and to follow your dreams and passion. Many of us must have been in such a situation. Be a part of this discussion and share whether you have, at any point in life, tried to or have been able to reinvent yourself.

    We, after having lived so many years, why not look back and try to reinvent ourselves? Very often we might have chosen a life which would not have been chosen, if there was an alternative. But we were forced to do so. Now at least, let us reinvent another path which might be a better one.

    I used to work out mentally that what would have been the result if I had chosen a different profession or if after retirement I had just gone for another job, where would I have reached. Can I, at least now, go a different route? Like this I am very often trying to reinvent another me in me.

    In my early age, I was interested in drawing, writing short stories and poems, playing certain instruments, singing etc. But I left everything to concentrate on studies. However, it is interesting to sit aloof and imagine the possible results if I were to tread a different path. Have you tried to reinvent yourself?
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    A wonderful thread still unreplied. We do make attempts to reinvent sir. We all have failures in life, obstacles, loss of job, a huge financial loss, loss of a loved one. At such times, life comes crashing down. The things we do to stand-up again is like re-inventing ourselves.
    With respect to change in profession or career path for various reasons, it is difficult but with effort and time, we re-invent ourselves so that the new person in us can handle the change in career etc.
    Many times, when we look back, certain things (creative writing, the talent for playing a game, the knack for numbers etc) remain underdeveloped for lack of time and or sustained lack of appeal. As time goes by, with changes in our life, time and space, we tend to rejuvenate the dormant things that we liked.
    So, we do re-invent but the extent to which it depends on the challenges, needs and timeframe.

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    Very nice thread from the author. What a nice thought emanated from the author. Yes when we confront with the challenges and sad moment in life, we give up the task or shun the path. Instead we must explore possibilities on how to over come the challenges and situations. Often we does not have plan b for any task. That means in the event of we missing something, we should have plan b approach to reach the goal or at least near to it. If such kind of aspirations and planning is present, surely every one would be successful to the hilt or nearby to the success. This is what my observation is.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very good thread . Many times we sit and think about old happenings. We try to find out a reasoning for our behaviour. Sometimes we feel we might have behaved in a different way. In the next similar situation we behave the way we are thinking. This is also a part of reinventing ourselves. But certain things even though for thinking sake we can think but we will not have to go to the past and doing it the way now we wanted.
    I never done that excessive of thinking the complete change in the life. But some times I think that if I was not in this profession what might have happened to my life? A thought which always puzzles and I will be left with no clue.

    always confident

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