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    What a brilliant (self) goal, man!

    He has done it again!

    First, he created controversy when he attended the Rock concert being held at Shillong in a jacket which costs Rs. 63,000/- (or, is it Rs. 70,000/-). Isn't it terrible that people still remember his 'fata kurta' (torn kurta) remark? But as a prince, how can he be satisfied with such small tremor? He has to create bigger tremor. And he just did it!

    Addressing a programme at St. Edmund's College, Shillong, the Prince said: ''"In our society, women have a very large space. They play a crucial role in decision making and running things. However, the RSS does not believe in women's rights and give more power to men to dominate without fear in the society".

    Then he delivered this gem: ''If you see a picture of Mahatma Gandhi, you'll find women on this side (right), this side (left). But, if you see a picture of Mohan Bhagwat, he'll be alone or surrounded by men''.

    Needless to mention, the leaders of the party have to immediately start damage-control exercises.

    What a brilliant self-goal you have scored, Man!
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    Time and again I was mentioning here that the so called Prince needs good homework done at home before uttering any word in public. Now that he is occupying high position in the party, he needs to be more sensible before making any statement , otherwise it will damage the party to much extent. May be he is forced to talk such loose in the fit of fear that Modi Mania is spreading like wild fire and there is no room for other parties to even stand against the BJP. What is the use of damage control exercise, when already the damage is done. This is not the first time it happened, the prince has been doing such non sense for long time.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    At times, being a common person is better than being Prince charming for one's own good.

    Sometime back, I read about, the media frenzy related to a gifted suit of our PM around 10L that was auctioned for a few crores. Maybe, this coat of Mr.Rahul Gandhi, will be a focus of media attention. I have seen senior staff at work wearing watches worth a few lakhs, such personal things should not matter.

    But the contents of the speech would be open to being misunderstood. In trying to justify the first remark about men being allowed to dominate over women, he has quoted the second comment comparing RSS leader to Gandhiji.

    This remark would be seen as a comment to disrespect the father of the nation, I'm sure the opposition would lap it up with both arms open and express their angst and concerns over such remarks.

    Again, this is one more example of how leaders should be careful before commenting at the spur of the moment or reading from a written speech or even speaking extempore. Any comments that are open to misinterpretation will be taken up by others and ruin the leader's image. I think, the senior Congress members would caution him against such statements that would backfire upon them.

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    I am not finding any problem in 'attending a concert by a political leader wearing jacket'.
    Coming to the second part, we generally compare people with equal stature. Hence, comparing RSS leader with our Father of the nation cannot be justified. This may damage his political party's image.

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    Maybe he might have seen a photo of Gandhiji with two ladies both sides which was there on Facebook some time back. So he has talked like that. Dressing style, cost of personal items should never be a discussion point. It is their personal requirements and as long as they are affordable by them we need not worry about those things.
    A person who is at the helm of affairs of a party should be very cautious while using the words. Otherwise, that will create a big headache for the party. The other party persons will play with these issues and important matters will be sidelined. I think he should have done some homework about what he is going to talk and he might have gone to the prepared talk instead of making this kind of mistakes. His personal advisers should be careful and advice him correctly and see that he will not commit this kind of mistakes. If somebody wants to create an issue he will say he is spoiling the image of the Father on the Nation.

    always confident

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