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    Atleast half of Indian beleive wife beating is OK!

    I read this in the papers. Based on the survey data included in the pre-budget economic survey report, as high as 52 % of Indians think that is it OK for the husband to beat their wives. The irony is that these figures are contained in the Economic Survey report that has a 'pink jacket(cover)' to symbolize women empowerment.

    I couldn't get details of what was the male: female ratio of the participants and where this survey was conducted. This is not about gender equality that both have a right to beat up each other, but it is a cause for concern.

    India is trying to have a good image at the international arena. Unfortunately, this report coming from the Government portrays us in a bad light because domestic violence is frowned upon in Western societies.

    Although we have the legal process to safeguard women, these figures reflect our thought process, our mentality and how we regard(disregard) married women.
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    I am simply astonished by the information! I think the database taken for the survey is faulty. There must be some bias in the sample taken, it may not be truly representative. However, it is saddening that still, people have this terrible mentality.
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    I am also not coinciding with the findings of the survey that 52 percent of the wives agree to the husband beatings. By the way women are far more empowered by the men in the sense that they are earning now and some times more than the men, they are having full support from the law to protect their lives and above all women also become more matured as they know the demands of the men and behaving accordingly , therefore there is broader consensus between the husband and wife and the on going seems to be normal and not as exaggerated by the survey figures.
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    The National Family Health Survey-4 (2015-2016) reveals that 52% women and 42% men accepted that physical abuse of women as punishment is justified. The women of age group 40-49 years and men of 15-19 years justify the physical abuse. Physical abuse is more in rural areas than in urban areas. In Telangana and the Manipur States, 84% women(highest) supported physical abuse of women as punishment. In Sikkim, 17% (lowest) supported this view. Among the men, 75% in Telangana(highest) and 6% in Sikkim(lowest) supported the view. The wife beating is very much in practice in India. These are the facts released by an authentic government agency.
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    @KVRR: thanks for the data, I was initially surprised, but when it said it's data from the Government, I posted this because i) these are the figures that the world takes at face value. ii) we need to know how to change this preception.

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    This is one of the most shameful stigmas of Indian society has, if it is true then we all should be embarrassed for it as well.
    A country where on one side girl child is worshipped during Navratri and at the same time a girl child is killed before she is born.
    A country where she is called Laxmi and welcomed for one day when she enters someone's house as a bride and on the other hand she is beaten to death for dowry and suffers from domestic violence.
    We should ask ourselves In what kind of society we are living where there are so many double standards. I don't know if older generation is going to change or not but as a youth of this country, it's my responsibility to do my best at my level to change this and erase this stigma and shame.

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    We live in a society that cloaks itself in a perception of falsehood. We see what is shown to us, but don't care to see what is cleverly concealed from our view.

    There is a misconception that wife beating exists only within a certain segment of society and that the educated and so-called elite do not hit their wives. We are wrong to think that if we are not a part of it, the menace does not exist. What prompted the need for a domestic violence law (Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act – PWDVA - 2005) – give it a thought and you'd get your answer. If the numbers were minuscule the legislators wouldn't have bothered about it.

    I had addressed this issue in an article and had also cited examples of women who that I knew of who had experienced violence at their hands of their partners. You will find the article here.

    There are so many women who quietly bear it all. These women mingle with us, but we do not recognise their signs of distress. My first cousin was in a bad marriage. She had married outside the religion and had been made (forced) to convert – but no one knew in the family knew the beatings that she had been enduring, for two decades. She finally got the courage to file for divorce. And it was only then that we came to know of her traumatic life.

    Some men might beat their wives in a fit of rage but later repent, as Mohan mentioned in a recent thread "Sometimes in the fit of anger, the husband would beat the wife and then repent?". Whether it is one odd occasion or a frequent affair – it still remains 'wife-beating'!

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    Please make it a point to quote the specific source (not just say so-and-so report) when you bring up threads which provide a survey's data. Since we do not allow external links, you could simply state the site's URL in text format. If taken from a newspaper or other print source, then mention the name and the date.

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    It is cruel and inhuman. I don't know how females are saying that husband beating the wife is acceptable. Are we in the 21st century. Very sorry state of affairs. I astonished to see that 84% women supported physical abuse. So I feel that for a female another female is the enemy, not the male.
    In my opinion, the survey was conducted may be in very remote areas wherein still the people living in dark. The sampling might have been a mixture of urban, semi-urban and rural areas. But the fact is still people are there who are not having respect for the fellow human beings. But these days in cities and towns there is a lot of change and ladies are equally participating in all activities and in many families, I know both the partners are discussing and taking the decisions and there is no question abusing each other. Anyhow, we have to accept the survey and I feel there should be a radical change in the thinking process of the people.

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    I don't support this data. I feel almost every member would stand against the report. How women can believe beating up by the husband is correct. Law can't support violence against women till women can't understand beating by the husband is a domestic violence, not a punishment. Some women oppose this, but can't stand against her husband because as in Indian society, the husband is referred as " Devta" of wife, since ancient time. It may be biased information not representing society as a whole. Telangana is at highest rank among all the places in the country.
    First of all, women should realize that it's not a punishment but a violence. Then only this shameful act can be diminished from society. Parents also sometimes say their daughter being her husband, he has right beat her. Parents should understand this fault and should support their daughters.

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    The supposed supremacy of male over female is the worst thing in this world and it is unfortunate that some males find satisfaction in torturing females.

    The social fabric is also to be blamed for such prejudiced mindset where a man is free to abandon or desert his wife but the reverse is not true.

    This unfortunate trend will only diminish when women will get full financial and physical security.

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    As requested by our ME. The source of the survey highlights that I have mentioned in the thread.

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