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    How to spot fake news?

    Every wondered how to distinguish fake news from genuine ones? Learn how to scrutinize news and suggest your own tips to catch fake news at a glance.

    The news is made available to the public in various forms like newspapers, tabloids, television channels, social media and many other means. We find that fake news is being spread deliberately by some for personal gain or with other ulterior motives. It is very important to spot fake news and not to spread it. Facebook took some initiative to stop fake news making rounds in the media. It suggested some ways of spotting fake news. In the fake news, the headlines will always be catchy. Be skeptical about such headlines. On the internet, look at the URL carefully. In fake sites, the URL will be an imitation of a popular website with minor changes. Beware of such websites. The fake news will generally contain spelling mistakes and unusual formatting. Other important things to observe are the photos and videos published which will generally be manipulated to spread fake information. Observe the dates which may give away fake news as they are falsified sometimes. The ownership of the medium of news gives a fair idea of the trustworthiness of the publishers. Watch or read other sources and if the news item is not reported in other media, be cautious about such news.

    Having said all these, I suggest that you use your own good judgment before believing any news. Develop the scientific temper to judge on your own which is genuine and which is fake.
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    What I suggest of the citizens wants to share some news, better they get from the authorised and reliable sources. In India we have PTI, UNI , ANI and even Free Press journals, all these are online news portals which keep on getting news from India and across the world and there cannot be fake news at all. If you get a fake news, verify the same with those above news agencies and if the same news appended there also, then you are rest assured about the authenticity of the same and share it. Otherwise just read the news and keep quiet without sharing to anybody and this is the best move.
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    A very relevant thread, now we get so many forwards, pop-ups and adverts on the regular sites that's tempting to be read and taken at face value. Some ignore these, some forward these but a few take action or comment based on a set of wrong facts. There are few websites which talk only about the news that has been proven to be fake. Last year, I came across a news about the Queen of England being no more, bless her, she was very much alive; same happened with an actor in South India who had to come and give an interview to say that he is still alive.

    Although it is difficult to spot it, we can get hints like what the author has stated and verify. Lastly, the least we can do as responsible citizens is not to forward news especially if it has the potential to harm the communal harmony, national interest or can incite riots.

    Recently I posted a thread
    Beware of Free spins and Online scam. I raised this because there were three articles with the same name but different stories and all had won the jackpot.

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    A nice thread to make aware of the fake news and way to identify it. As far as I am concerned about the authenticity of the news, I only believe on the channels like DD News, Rajyasabha Tv, and Loksabha Tv as these channels don't make news a business instead show the reality of the world as well as good news only unlike most other private news channels which only sell controversies.
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    It is true. The emergence of social media has increased the quantum fake news getting spread like wildfire. We are not able to understand whether the news is correct or not? The author has made a good attempt to explain the various ways to identify the fake news and it is good for the members. In ISC no fake news is allowed and the Editors are very alert in such case. If there is any such doubtful item is coming as a thread the same will be rejected or closed. That way we can rest assured.
    Generally, I believe the news which is coming in the newspapers. In Telugu, Eenadu will never publish such fake news and if any doubtful news is there, they will put a question mark after the heading. Such news is not reliable. Etv news also is like DD news only and they will air the news only after getting confirmation only. So I go through this newspaper and this channel to take the news as correct.

    always confident

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    Intriguing and interesting topic raised! Let's have some more analytical views & suggestions from ISCians.
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    United Kingdom told Facebook either act against Hate content or pay more taxes recently. Similarly Fake news is also big issue. NDTV hindi recently aired lot of things about Fake news. In social media spread things and ignite minds like wild fire. It is very big challenge for everyone.

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    There are so many sources of news or information that it becomes difficult to find out their authenticity. So filtering them as per reliable sources is one thing which we can adhere to.

    Another thing is there are some sites which analyse the doubtful and fake news and give clarification on it. One such site is

    There may be more such sites like this where we can verify the fake or rumour news.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Very interesting. Well mainstream media will think twice before posting unapproved news but social media isn't restricted to anything.
    So we'll find many fake news in social media.

    In my case, I scroll immediately to comments to see what other's say because truth is always what the majority believes.
    And I do this before reading the news. Because these news are clickbaits and hardly are of any significance. And the person or page posting too influence the belief too a great level.
    And the most important thing would be to maintain our common sense.
    Choose your news.

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    Mr. Aditya Mohan: ''Very interesting. Well mainstream media will think twice before posting unapproved news but social media isn't restricted to anything.
    So we'll find many fake news in social media.''

    This is your view, and I am forced to say that this view is totally false. Let me give an example from my state, West Bengal. On 3rd January, 2016, there was a terrible riot in a place called Kaliachak in Malda district. The criminals of a ''particular community'' attacked and destroyed Government properties including documents related to the crime committed by them. The common people of that ''particular community'' also participated in the crime. No media reported the incidence. This riot will remain unknown to the people of the country if social media did not report it.

    The same thing happened at Dhulagarh in Howrah district in 2017. We came to know about the riot by only because of social media.

    So your view is not correct. The mainstream media (MSM) is totally biased, devoid of conscience and some of them are hell-bent to destroy the edifice of the country. Earlier, this MSM did not bother to give importance to common people, now thanks to social media they are forced to pay attention to common people. Twitter accounts of all eminent journalists of the country, bear testimony to the importance given to social media by the mainstream media people themselves.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    This post is regarding how to spot fake news. Members, be focussed on the subject as fake news is reportedly making its way into all mediums. Sometime back Facebook started a campaign to stop fake news making rounds. It gave advertisements in the newspapers also. Suggest any other means by which fake news can be identified.
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    To spot fakes news
    1. The image and the subject are not often in sync
    2. Unconfirmed flash news/breaking news
    3.Glossy websites the give the news and ask you to join a promo offer.
    4.Small time TV and print media who shout a lot, with just a one sentence news
    5. Suddenly we get the same news in many what's app groups.
    6. The news sounds familiar and reminds you of a similar content with few changes
    7. Sudden clashes between two different faiths or community ( I generally do not forward this as often it would be exaggerated or false)
    8. The websites that have many promos, multiple clickable links like - mother find 5L in her college going daughter's bank account, daily wage labourer stops working because of instant surprise winner contest, beauty tips with free tokens, all these mean that the chances of it being fake is much higher

    Once we get a disturbing piece of news, then it is important not to forward, wait for a few hours, by the end of it or by the end of the day, if we see that in the main TV channels, then it would be real.

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    I generally google the news I get as forward.
    If it is really true, then it would immediately shown in search results.

    If people take the responsibility of checking the legitimacy of news, offers and other promotions, before they forward to next person, these type of chain of spreading would break.

    Sri Vetri
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