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    Welcome the change!!!

    Welcome the change,
    Welcome the challenges,
    It may be difficult,
    But accept the change.
    Do not complain,
    The world has to change,
    Open up your arms,
    And welcome the change.
    Overcome your fear,
    Put efforts to grow.
    Look new opportunities,
    And welcome the change.
    Change your thoughts,
    Change the perceptions,
    Change the interpretations,
    To welcome the change.
    Change your minds,
    To progress in life
    Welcome new ideas,
    To succeed in life.
    Welcome the future,
    Soon it will also be past,
    Grow and evolve
    And give yourself a chance.
    You may lose something good,
    But you will gain something better,
    So, do not be afraid,
    And welcome the change.

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    This is a wonderful poem. Yes, you are absolutely right one should always welcome the change. Then only he can be successful in his life. One without fear should always change their thoughts from time to time. Best of luck for the contest.

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    A good way of writing. Nicey written. In the life, changes are bound to happen. We can't stop changes. If there are no changes in life it will become dull. So don't worry about these changes. Accept them and go with the wind. We have seen many changes in the living ways of people and we are also changing as required to keep going. That is the way of life.
    always confident

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    A nice rendition of how to welcome change. Nothing is constant except change. It's a matter of having faith, letting go of things that we have lost or things that have lost value and embracing a new set of opportunities and challenges. We, as humans hesitate or resist change but this makes the task more difficult as change marches ahead.
    Being prepared, having an open mind and just channeling our energy and effort in a new direction open a new world for us. But change doesn't come easy, it takes some effort and hard work. One needs to have a realistic set of expectations and time frame to embrace change.
    It takes some time and change in the way we think and act, before we can realize that apart from the main door, there's often a kitchen door or a backdoor that can also give entry to a house.

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