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    Welcome the critics to improve self

    Critics are the people who freely express their unfavorable comments, opinions, and views about anything.
    It is a usual human nature that we do not like the critics when we do something and share with others to get the reviews. Although we ask for frank and open views but in our heart, we only love to have positive and appreciating comments. We do not welcome the critics happily.
    This may not be true for adults and mature people but it is very common for kids. They are always ready with excuses against such negative comments. I am experiencing the same with my son also.
    We need to make them learn to welcome the critics happily which is very much required for their betterment and improvement.
    The best even have a possibility to become better in one or another way but for that, we need to know the views of critics and not the polished positive comments.
    Until and unless we do not take these unfavorable views friendly we cannot improve.

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    Very well said Padmini, you are right. However, in my knowledge more than kids, I have found the intelligent and knowledgeable adult get their ego hurt when we question them. One seriously can't improve no matter how knowledgeable and educated they are unless they try to find out their fault in criticism.

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    It is always better to take positively the comments of the people whether are negative or positive comments. Understand the comment and if there is anything you want to correct yourself go ahead. This is the most welcome attitude for a mature person. But for the sake of criticizing some people try to find out hairs on the egg. This type of criticism need not be taken into account. But the people in authority may never like any criticism about their judgements and action. So times even though we know that their attitude is not correct we may have to keep silent. The way in much we react to the criticism of our works and attitude reflects our maturity.
    A very well written thread. it is true that the kids may ignore those criticisms but all the persons who are ignoring the criticism are not kids.

    always confident

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    A thoughtful use of the term welcome. I welcome criticism as long as it is constructive because it is one the best motivators that comes by your way without being asked for and it's free.
    Many are aversed with criticism because of the harsh reality or truth that hits them and the perceived loss of face in front of others.
    Sometimes, good critics too go overboard, they have to be good but have the ability to judge the timing and impact, it should not be in a manner that completely shatters the person and what was suboptimal becomes rock bottom.
    Destructive criticism is most harmful especially when it comes disguised as 'feedback', such things are meant to be more personal and demeaning instead of helping the person concerned.

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    What I feel that we are habituated to constructive criticism and evaluation of our work by others. But many people who are wrong on their part try to correct us in every process and progress of our life as if they are our mentors and guardian to do so, We have our own strength and ability and has the mind to understand things and forge ahead. If at all some wrong things are done, does not matter, it is the process of life to make mistake and learn from that. But some people get solace in correcting others as if they are cent percent correct. One cannot see their own back and for others they can see every others back.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thanks for all the responses.
    @Mohan Sir, it is up to us which criticism we should follow and which not. We know very well about our well-wishers.
    But in case of kids, we (most of the parents) want their children to be polite and in that case, we want them to accept the critics happily. My son gets aggressive when anyone criticises him. Although he is just 4 years old but I guess, this is the right time to make him understand this.


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    Children wont accept the criticism that easily because they are pampered to the hilt by the parents and any mention by others would offend them very much. Yes some of the children are also very sensitive and wont even talk with others as there are every chance of criticism and even teasing. So they tend to be aloof and away from the maddening crowd and they prefer to live in their own thinking life. And before advising the children never be aggressive and use the friendly path to get him understand, otherwise the matter goes bad to worse.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We all say this, but how many of us can actually welcome our critics? Very few. Even Mohandas Gandhi, at some points of time, felt bitter about his critics.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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