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    Welcome to Mother Nature!

    A glorious sunrise woke me up in the midst of woods, surrounded by lush green valleys. I sat on a tree stump with my mug of coffee straining hard, really hard to hear a noise of man & his creations but heard nothing.

    I heard nothing but silence, a silence so powerful that one needs to experience it to understand it's value. Around me, the green leaves with the dewdrops glistened in the morning rays on the sun. Little birds chirped around me like butterflies, squirrels ventured close to me wondering who this giant was and started nibbling at the breadcrumbs that I threw.

    I set on a forest path, admiring the creations of God, majestic mountains, trees so tall that my neck hurt trying to see where they stopped. The fragrance of the fresh morning flowers was so unique that all the expensive perfumes would be ashamed of. The crisp fresh air was so invigorating that my mind was clear and my fatigue had gone. It was better than the city's best oxygen bar.

    A little spring was cascading with a soothing sound, till then I never knew that even the flow of water in nature is like music. Suddenly a loud noise, I stood still in my tracks, at the edge of the trail, a family of elephants gracefully walked across with little ones running around their feet. The elephants acknowledged my presence, gave me my space as I stood perfectly still.

    Once they passed by a herd of deer, initially wary but later continued with their foraging of the fresh grass. As I plucked a handful of grass and smelt, it was heavenly. I stood there for a few minutes humbled and overwhelmed by Mother Nature and what she had to offer me.

    I can promise that I heard her say, 'Welcome to nature, my Son.' Please preserve it!

    ( A city dweller on a solitary hike in the forests). My entry for the topic of TOW contest.
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    Nature is to be preserved. This is a gift of GOD. This is what made us exist on this earth. But unfortunately we have no concern for nature and we have to search for a forest to see the beauty of nature. In my childhood when I woke up early morning and come out of the house I used to experience the beautiful voices of various birds on the trees and cool breeze around and I feel like sitting just below the big tree and enjoy the musical sounds that are made by different birds. I remember sleeping in front of the house on a foldable cot and before getting into sleep observe the beautiful sky with many shining stars. Unfortunately gone are the days. We can't sleep in the open air with a fear of pollution and we have to visit a forest to see the birds and hear their musical voices. The culprit is the Human being. For his personal comforts, he is spoiling the entire nature and leaving a polluted atmosphere to the coming generations. Is it not a crime?
    always confident

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    A very nice narration by the author bringing out the feelings generated in the lap of nature. Today many of us are living in a concrete jungle and do not know the value of nature and the amount of solace it can give to mankind.
    Knowledge is power.

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