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    What is your answer, if any one ask you this question?

    What is the First letter in alphabets?
    a)C b)D

    c)A d)B

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    The first letter of the word alphabets is "a".
    The first letter in English alphabets is "A".
    If somebody asks me this the question the answer is "A".
    In the multiple choices, you have given it is the choice C. Hope I am correct.

    always confident

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    The first letter of the word alphabets is the letter "a".
    From my side, the correct answer is option c.

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    The answer is choice c)A.

    If it is a cryptic question then it is better to add more options like e)a, f)b, g)c and h)d.

    That will make it more interesting.

    Knowledge is power.

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