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    Commercialisation of residential neighbourhoods. Should we allow or prevent it?

    Do you feel your neighbourhood has become more commercial in nature than residential? What are the advantages & disadvantages of this overhaul? Examine through this thread the concept of commercializing space that was once purely residential.

    I remember a few years ago, we could safely play in the streets even till late evenings without any fear. There used to be the odd autos and cars going by while we played cricket and shuttle those days.

    Gradually, shops started mushrooming around. First, a saloon, then a small buy and save, a garment shop, a gym, a hotel. Now we have residents letting out space for offices above their homes (it gives much better rent).

    The footpaths are riddled with sellers of snacks, afternoon and night non-veg meals.
    The late evenings are a mess, children and women can't go out in peace. They are people who have a drink and have food from the carts.Last but not the least, buses and private tempo travellers zoom by.

    Slowly a peaceful residential locality that was home to us has now become a commercial hub wherein we find ourselves as strangers amidst other strangers. Now many of us wish we had objected it much earlier when it would have made a difference.

    Do you think we can prevent it or accept the inevitable and move on?
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    We are paying the cost of commercialization and modernisation which is sweeping the peaceful places one by one in its lap.

    In countries where the population is less the peace and silence of residential compounds are maintained as those countries can afford to have separate marketplaces but in countries like China and India the ordeal is going to be like that only.

    Even the agitation and outcry by resident groups may not help in such a situation.

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    Is it possible for us to resist conversion of our neighbourhood to commercial places? This is the first question which comes to my mind. On the other hand, on many occasions, I have seen that the residents are welcoming commercialization for their own conveniences and due to the fact that commercialization would cause upward movement of property price in the vicinity. Very few would think about the associated problems of commercialization. of the neighbourhood.
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    Yes, you are right earlier children could play peacefully but now the scenario has been changed. We are paying for the commercial hubs in our locality but even in parks now children can't play safely, elders can't walk safely. These commercial hubs are also important for us. A society should build up in such a way that children's had a space to play and also commercial hubs should be there.

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    What is the right we have stopping neighbours using their property for commercial purpose? If the residential area is used for the commercial purpose the property tax, the current charges and other government levies will attract a different rate. If they are paying them as to be paid, we can't do anything. If they are not doing that we can complain to the concerned authorities saying that the residential plots are used for commercial works.
    Actually, instead of playing on roads every colony should have a good playground and park where these children or players can go and play there. Even in colonies where there are no commercial activities, the traffic increased these days and playing on roads is not safe for the players as well as vehicles also.
    The best thing is to leave some space in the colony for having a playground and a park so that the colony people can use those for playing and recreation. We can't stop the commercialisation of areas.

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    nice replies so far. @Dr.Rao, this is more or less what the residents said a few years back, now the very same people are repenting because, they cannot allow the teenage girls to move in the neighborhood safely, women cannot come back without fear at around 8PM from the nearby market. It is not just one person's problem or gain, it is the loss of a neighborhood's status as a home by itself.

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    When we are living in a apartment surely earmarked for residential purpose only and no scope for shops or commercial activity then there should not be such business. But when the apartments are facing main roads, and colony main roads ,there is a tendency to hire those apartment for rent for commercial purpose and here the owners are greedy and wont follow the society by laws. There is always quarrel between the residential dwellers and the commercial establishments in same building as the visitors to the office would be more and the tranquillity of the apartment is disturbed including the parking area hijacked by the visitors to the company. In a colony if the space is earmarked for such activity then there is no issue, but we are confronted with make shift structures and that are the botheration.
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    Thread brought back to the front page for further responses as this is a unique topic which can be explored in-depth. Members can also specifically narrate the commercial developments which have taken place over the years in their own neighborhood & whether it was beneficial to the area or whether it created further problems.
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