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    What if Lord Krishna also would have frustrated of Arjuna's so many questions?

    I wonder, how so long and patiently Lord Krishna has answered all the questions thrown out from confused Arjuna in Geeta Updesh? Did't he frustrated to answer Arjuna question even a single time?

    May be this why Krishna is called Lord, a philosopher and a knowledgeable person who did't run away with questions. Often we dejected or hurt when someone question us but only Gyani (the most knowledgeable) person will not run away with it. People in this world show their saint face and pretend themselves that they are the only "knowledgeable" and "intelligent" person but do they really know it's meaning.

    It is always easy to question someone, but when the question comes to us to answer, we use our power to stop coming such questions. Why don't we have guts to answer with our heart or face it?

    I often wonder why we can't answer with our cool head if such questions thrown out at us.
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    If Lord Krishna got frustrated with the questions of Arjuna and not done the preaching of Gita. The Pandavas might have stopped fighting. The Kauravas might have been saved. The Pandavas might have led their life like any other common citizen of the country. This is one possibility. The other possibility is, the arrogant Bhima might have insisted that the war should be fought come what may. There might have been a split among Pandavas on this issue. Finally, the great Dharmaraja was decided to go ahead with the war by convincing Arjuna. Yudhistara has the patience which was established when he answered many questions posted by Yaksha to save his brothers during the vanavasam.
    It really requires a lot of patience to answer the questions that are being posed by different people. Always asking is easy but replying is very difficult.

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    That's why Lord Krishna is a god because he is beyond everything, he is calm and very much curious to do something good without any bribe or any sort of things like that, and whereas about Respected "Geeta" it shows the human target of life which every human should do, I have only listened it but I think that we all should read once in our life.
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    Well, its completely on the type of questions & in the way these are being thrown on us

    Let's take an example. You belong to a certain subject but the question being asked relates neither to your subject or to your interest. In that case any one would get irritated.

    Now let's take another example.

    You are sitting somewhere & you find one group discussing something you are interested into & from my point of view you will be interested & at least you will listened to those. If healthy discussion then also you can involve yourself into that.

    In the current scenario, the Arjun is a devotee to Krishna & the queries being asked is most relevant to the subject matter & the listener is quite eager to know in fact & the most important thing He believe Krishna. So most relevant & no irritation.

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    I liked the para which quotes questions are easy to ask but difficult to answer. I wish, we could have told this to our examiners.
    The Lord wouldn't get upset because he has to guide his flock and answer their doubts and fear. If Lord Krisha did get frustrated, the outcome would be very different.
    On a general note, It is often easy to ask questions, pass comments and judgments as long as we or our loved ones are not at the receiving end. Once it comes back at us or our loved ones, we humans feel hurt and wounded because we just realized the impact of what we were doing so far to others.
    Last but not the least, the relevance of the questions many times becomes more important that the impact of the answers, at such times, I would be wary of the question and where it's coming from.

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    The main purpose of Krishna Avatar was to get rid of those bad characters appeared in Mahabharatha and in that process the Geethaupadesh is the part of the drama enacted by himself and Lord Krishna was kind enough to answer all the questions raised by Arjuna and all this happened when he actually muted everyone else present there. That means for others eyes nothing has happened by Geethaupadesh. Nevertheless the God wanted Arjun to understand the very meaning of injustice and the punishment thereof and also he sent the message to the mankind that hence forth people wont be tolerating injustice in any form. And the question of frustration does not arise at all , because the Lord want to give the sermon in most befitting manner to the understanding level of Arjuna and also the mankind.
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    The conversation or say questions and answers between Arjuna and Krishna was not only subjected to the WAR. The entire humanity has been spoken by Lord Krishna while answering to Arjuna. He had kept questioning in different matter which was not only for a war subject.

    Yes, it is true that both had believed in each other. If that was not the case, the Geeta Updesh would not have happened.

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