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    GoogleAdsense bank account & residential account 2 different countries

    I got a message in my adsense account that they have sent me the PIN. I stay in Saudi Arabia and hv given the address in saudi arabia to receive the PIN.
    Now after getting the PIN, can i enter bank details of my indian bank account?
    I later came to know that we cant change countires entered. But what if we leave saudi arabia and settle in india....
    Please advice me on this.
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    Shamsheera Elachola,

    I have forwarded your query to our Webmasters. Please wait for a response.

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    1) Purpose of pin is verify detail of your address.
    2) You can always add new bank account to adsense but question is whether adsense allow you to enter bank for different countries? I checked in adsense account but i was unable to understand this. IFSC code and swift BIC, account number and bank name was mentioned.
    It was written on page that "To receive payouts by wire transfer, contact your bank for exchange rates and fees. Bank account must be located in India and in US Dollar currency.

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    When you leave Saudi and come back to India, close your AdSense account that now has the Saudi address and apply for a new AdSense account with an Indian address.

    If you have an Indian Government issued ID proof with an Indian address and also an Indian bank account, then you can open AdSense account with India as the country. PIN verification is done in two ways, first is by manually sending a letter to the address which I guess you experienced this time, second is when you are not able to receive the PIN - in that case, you are provided an option to upload a Government issued address proof which obviously can be done even if you are living in Saudi at the moment.

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    Now a days the Google adsense account amount is transferred by wire and hence if they are sure as the real and actual beneficiary then nothing can stop your payment and the pin number is the authentication.
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    Thankyou all for your replies.
    I would like to ask a doubt to Mr.Ankit, I haven't yet entered my PIN. So since my country given is Saudi Arabia, how to enter details of Government approved ID ? Is that possible?
    And starting a new adsense means, will i will loose all amount right? And can I start a new adsense account with same e-mail again?

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    Even if you haven't entered the PIN I doubt you will be able to change the country. In that case you can't show Government issued address proof of India and get the country changed.
    You need to make the account with country as India and then only Indian Government issued ID proof will work.
    Check out this article for details:

    Starting a new AdSense will mean losing the current balance. You can wait for the first payout and then close the account and meanwhile you can create and keep ready an account with an Indian address.
    You can use the same email once the present AdSense account has been closed.

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