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(This thread is the Special Prize winner of TOW contest for the week 28th Jan'18-3rd Feb'18 on topic - Welcome )
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    Welcome the unexpected with a smile

    Most of the times, so many unexpected things happen in our lives be it in a positive or a negative way. What ever it is, we must accept and welcome the unexpected with a smile so that we can deal with it in a positive way. If we start panicking or if we get tensed, chances are that we will end up spoiling things and making matters worse. Instead, if we sit calm and think for a while on how to handle the situation then everything becomes easier. We can sit and think calm only when we welcome it. If we think why did this happen or why only me then there is nothing we can do about what is happening except spoiling it more. So always welcome everything and anything that is unexpected and move on.
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    Yes, you are right, sometimes in our life something which is generally unexpected. It may be positive or negative but how we take it is important. we should always take everything in a positive way, otherwise, we would end up with spoiling our life. If we panic in any situation we would do something wrong or even do some task in wrong way.
    Really a wonderful post by you. Best of luck for the contest.

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    Always there are chances for unexpected things to happen in our life. We should be brave enough to face them. We can't avoid certain happenings and they are bound to happen. Instead, start worrying about the happening, accept the happening, face it bravely and solve it methodically. You will be successful in your life. Sometimes we may receive unexpected guests in the house. If the wife starts worrying about how to offer them food, food will not come. What she will do is go to the kitchen, see the items available and select an item which can be completed quickly and good to offer. She will make the dish and serve. We should take this as the lesson. Then you can face any situation in your life without getting worried or confused. What is to have happened will happen. Make yourself ready to face the consequences and act smartly so that you will be a successful man in your life.
    always confident

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    An interesting use of welcome, most of us tends to be concerned when something unexpected happens, more it can impact our health, career, and earnings.In the state of concern and apprehension, we may not have clarity of thought and hence many overlook the potential ways in which we can use or overcome the unexpected situation to our advantage.

    When faced with an unexpected difficulty we need to have the maturity not make a hurried choice but assess what's in hand and how we can overcome the obstacle. There are many stories of people getting lost in hiking trails or facing unexpected situations in extreme sports and surviving because they did not panic.

    One of the best true stories about an unexpected accident is that of Aron Ralston, a climber whose hand was trapped beneath a large stone. He was stuck without any help for 127 hours. He finally cut his own hand to escape hand reach to safety. I think, he survived because of willpower and accepting the unexpected without giving up hope.

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    An interesting observation and advise made by the author choosing the tow topic. Yes sometimes we are confronted with such issues and matters which were not expected at all and force us to deal with it. But having confronted those issues at wrong time, we get to annoyed mode and thus the whole mood is spoiled. Instead we have to take those moments in right spirit and go for the damage control exercise. Matured mind will always act fast on those unexpected issues and that should be welcomed with great courage. Then only our positive vibes would start workings towards a easy solution.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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