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    Should we blindly believe in any religion?

    I would say there should be no religion. It should be eradicated. Once eradicated, there will be no foes, only harmony and sereneness will prevail. Humanity is the best religion. It should be the priority and there is no harm in talking to a person who is good-natured but belongs to the religion which you loathe. It is not fair to boycott a person just because of the tag of the religion. It simply lies in the eyes of beholder. A good and a prudent person can see positivity in negative people also. They must be having hidden good traits which is getting neglected because of the religion.
    Mentality needs to be changed and be a theist or a polytheist where every God should be considered one.

    Steps to living in a society:

    1. Don't judge anyone or discriminate any religion, caste, sex, color.
    2. Every religion is at the top for its believer.
    3. No caste is higher or lower, one should be broad minded and your inner soul should be good.
    4. Don't slam any religion, no religion is wicked, the one who commits a sin "must be put behind the bars" and he should be blamed instead of blaming any religion.
    5. No religion teaches awful values, no God compels to do sin. It is not written in any holy book to desolate people who are innocent. It is the nasty mentality of fanatics.
    6. Don't be an aloof just because of the religion. One should not be judged without approaching individually. It is said that one should not judge a book by its cover.
    7. Try to look at the positivity in every person.
    8. Sometimes we are so blind that we neglect the nature of a person and simply boycott him/her just because of the tag of the religion.
    9. The most important thing for a person should be the inculcation of values.

    There are folks who are tying the knots with the other castes, inter-caste marriages are happening
    without looking the backgrounds of each other. I am glad that people are thinking far beyond the religion, caste, sex, color etc and flaws are being overlooked.

    KARMA-What goes around comes around.
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    We have been regularly discussing the same or similar topics. Only last week, a similar issue was discussed. Something new, please!
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    Yes. I also remember that we have a discussion on this topic very recently. The Editor concerned may look into it.
    The world is changing. The boundaries and restrictions are vanishing. Whether it is good or bad time only can decide. One thing is true that we are all one community that is the human community. So let us not forget the fact that we are humans and we should not be inhuman in any respect. If you follow this principle everything will become universal in this world, There need not be caste, religion or creed if you remember this point. Treat your neighbour also like a human being. Then there will not be any problems we will encounter.

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    This general thread deals more with how we can be a good human being. Yes, basically follow things that do not hurt anyone first. They do this that helps others, this is the basis of many cultures.

    Have good principles and moral values, encourage them in your children and people who listen to you. Once we start doing this, humanity will automatically find its way around the society. Simultaneously focus on conserving resources and nature, then we can find peace, quality, and happiness around us in the world and guess what, I haven't spoken about religion at all till now.

    If someone wants to follow a particular religion or faith, they can by all means as long as it is not enforced on others and as long as it is not used to whip up fanaticism and communal disharmony.

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    We did check out the earlier thread, posted by Aditya, who had submitted a poetic query addressed to God. Since this thread is a bit different & posted by a new member, we are allowing a discussion on it.
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    I think the author is trying to convey the essence of being tolerant of other's beliefs. If you can marry a person of another religion or caste and remain happily married and beget children who have the freedom to believe in a religion or accept a caste they like/ prefer or if you can consider a person of another caste or religion to be your best friend on whom you can confide anything, what is the significance of religion?

    The world would be a better place if we respect each other and allow ourselves to remain as individuals when we are, and be a part of the society when we need to be, or to be an atheist or polytheist or theist and yet remain an integral part of the society. Why fight against each other in the name of religion or caste when nothing can actually be gained? Let us remain humans, in spite of all the odds!

    “Give instructions only to those people who seek knowledge after they have discovered their ignorance.”-Confucius

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