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(This thread is the Special Prize winner of TOW contest for the week 28th Jan'18-3rd Feb'18 on topic - Welcome )
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    Welcome, new friend

    In an episode of Women's Murder Club, an American TV series, the three main lady characters who are very close friends welcome a fourth into their group & accept her, too, as their friend.

    Similarly, we sometimes meet somebody who is a complete stranger. On more occasions, we get to know the person better. We genuinely like that person, though perhaps not some habits. After all, we know we have some irritating habits, too! Yet, we hesitate with a thought - should we just keep our distance, with that person being just a casual acquaintance? Should we increase our circle of friends?

    There are some people who may be averse to allowing a stranger who entered their life into becoming a close friend despite getting to know the person really very well. I think, though, we should at least try. Take hold of the opportunity to make a new friend. You may have a few best friends for years, but that does not necessarily mean you should shut out new ones. Why not start a new friendship and let another friend become part of your life? The friend may become, possibly, another best friend!

    You see, a new friend can bring some really good changes in your life, even opening your eyes to the wonders of life itself. You learn something new about yourself and you learn something unexpected about which you had no knowledge of. You get to look at things with a whole new perspective. You also get to share things with and get moral support from, one more nice person. A new friend can bring a whole lot of fresh energy into your life. You feel blessed to have one. It's exciting to make a new friend and discover an amazing person who is worth the friendship!

    Go & welcome a new friend with a warm hug. And I am not talking about fake FB friends!

    (This is my entry for the TOW contest)
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    A nice perspective on how we look at new acquaintances. We all meet common friends or new people during our work or social life but we have a little resistance before we accept them as friends who can become trusted well-wishers or true friends whom we can rely on.
    I think it's human nature to cling on to what we find comfortable and the fear of losing them or making a wrong choice with respect to friends make us ignore potentially good people. There are times when friends are taken for granted and people change, so there is no harm in us selecting people earlier and assessing them as to whether they are welcome to our trusted circle. It, not a question of letting go of old friends, its just having a new addition to widen the circle with meaning.
    Personally. I've made two such new additions who were mere acquaintances a couple of years ago but now, their support is far more than I expected. This has given me a whole new understanding of how to look at people and vice-versa.

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    I am always interested to make new friends. Not on the internet or the social media but having contacts personally and have the rapport. Since I move a lot I come across cross section of the people from all walks of life. Especially I am interested to have good friendships with the elder ones. When ever I shop, I walk and travel, I do open up with the elder persons and they feel elated to talk. Please remember elder persons are the neglected lot in the house and outside and thus when you talk, they feel elated and open up and become your closest friend for every. This is my way of connecting to new friends.
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    It is always interesting to have new acquaintances as friends. When we are young we will inclined more easily with a lot of enthusiasm to make friends with new people. But as we grow old I think there will be a lot of change in our approach or the other's approach towards us. It is always a pleasant thing to have a new friend whom we can trust and depend. There are instances of making friendship whom I met during a travel and keep interacting with them even after years of that journey. When I attended a seminar in the US an NRI who settled there was also attended the seminar. With in that 4 days os seminar we became good friends. After 7 years even today also we interact and he made it a point to meet me whenever he comes to India. So it is always better to make good friends at all stages of life so that we will have some enthusiasm in our life.
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    We can welcome and make friendship with strangers but we can't trust all of them. Many of them can be trusted in a limited sense. Deep and abiding friendship can be formed with those who can be fully trusted. When the trust is broken the friendship will end. Sometimes we are obliged to love those who can't be trusted. In that case if you are hurt by their actions, you try to destroy their reputation through gossip or other acts of revenge. So, destroying reputation, taking revenge and harming others are the result of trust-less friendship.
    In the end, most of us are guilty of breaking trust at one points in our lives.Though we may not know it,it is often an experience of the one who feels violated.
    We cannot change others; we can only work on how we react to them. The only way to deal with those who have negative effects on us is to take responsibility of ourselves.

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