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    Vocabulary and examples

    1. Insomniac- (noun)
    meaning: a person who is unable to sleep
    ex: a guy turned insomniac after getting hoaxed by his girlfriend .
    syn: scary, spooky, gruesome, petrifying, horrifying, terrifying, haunting, ghastly etc.
    ex: I got spooked by watching some horror movies.
    syn: mad, mental, insane, lunatic, stupid, doltish, rubbish, foolish, crazy, foolish, senseless, irrational, meaningless, mindless, brainless, pointless, baseless, inept, unproductive, unskilled, inexpert, rough, clumsy, lacking etc.
    eg: He was not as nuts as he looked
    syn: attract, entice, appeal, allure, charm, captivate, beguile, induce, enrapture
    eg: I was lured by the beauty of Andaman and Nicobar Islands
    a fear of losing someone whom you love
    eg: I would say everybody is thantophobic and worried about their relationship
    to believe in something which is unreal
    syn: imaginations, illusions, hallucinations, visions, delusions, fantasy,dreams etc.
    eg: I love to live in illusions which is full of happiness
    7(1) Husky-(adjective)
    syn: heavy, intense, deep, coarse, rough, thick, harsh, hoarse, gruff, raspy etc.
    eg: I love to hear the husky voice of Papon the Indian Singer from Assam, especially his song moh moh ke dage and barfi
    (2) Husky-(adjective)
    syn: strong, muscular, heavy, well-built, powerful, robust, sturdy, hunky
    eg: The sturdy personality of John Abraham is quite appealing
    syn: condemn, criticize, attack,
    eg: Slamming anyone is not a good thing
    9. Endearing-(adjective)
    syn: likeable, cute ,sweet, lovely, charming, interasting, fascinating, intriguing, spellbinding, captivating, appealing, luring, attracting, alluring, enticing, beguiling etc.
    eg: Deepika Padukone has an enticing smile and the dimples on her face
    10. Scour-(verb)
    syn: wash, clean, rub, shine, wipe, cleanse
    eg: I scour my face when it turns dirty
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