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    Set back for BJP in Rajasthan and West Bengal bypolls

    Congress party has won Mandalgarh Assembly seat and two Parliament seats of Ajmeer and Alwar in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is known to be a strong hold of BJP sems to slipping out of BJP's hand. Similarly Trinamool Congress is a head in Naopara Assembly seat and Ulberia Parliament seat in West Bengal. These result indicates people can definitely against the party if they dislike their rule at any cost in democracy. What is your opinion folks?
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    It would be a mini blow to the BJP's dream of capturing all the states. Since it's just a bypoll for three seats in Rajasthan and two in WestBengal, it may not reflect the true mood of the electorate at large.
    But it is an opportunity for Congress to change their image and perception and build on these 3 wins for the future assembly elections.
    Similarly, I'm sure the BJP core team/Mr.Amit Shah will review everything that has happened so that they can learn from the loss of these 3 seats. I think only Rajasthan was as surprise, WB was expected

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    Since it is a by-poll for just 5 seats, we may not be able to take this as a slip of the party in the entire country. But definitely, it is a caution to BJP and a chance to Congress. Taking a cue from this success if Congress works out a strategy there may be some improvement in the party's performance in the coming polls. So the think of Congress has to work out a plan for the betterment.
    The BJP is going to be the major party going to win in 2019 elections, I feel. But they can't relax and they have to put in their efforts and retain the goodwill they acquired. But one thing is sure that no party can take the voters granted. The Indian voters are having their own way of thinking and how they behave is very unpredictable.

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    Rajasthan bye-election results reflect the change in the mood of the voters who turned out in large numbers to vote. The margin of votes in the victory of the Congress party indicate the clear change. The Congress party won in all the assembly segments of the Alwar and Ajmer Parliament constituencies. This is a good sign for Congress after its impressive performance in Gujrat elections.
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    It is really surprising that the BJP got the best blow of the results in Rajasthan and West Bengal when on the day people were expecting from Arun Jaitely some great largess in Union budget. That has not happened. And the voters of these above states has sent the great warning to the ruling BJP at the centre that if it does not care the aspirations of the people it cannot survive. Rajasthan has been the favorite place for the BJP to win hands down. But these by election result must force the think tank inside BJP to ponder over as to what went wrong as they lost two precious Parliament seats.
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    So far as West Bengal is concerned, both in Uluberia Lok Sabha seat and in Noapara Assembly constituency, BJP has significantly improved its performance. In both the cases, BJP is in the second position, much ahead of CPI(M) and Congress. Even three years ago, in these two places, BJP was not a significant power. Despite widespread violence, booth-capturing and bogus voting, BJP's performance has improved. Maybe many people will be disheartened.

    So far as Rajasthan is concerned, the result is a jolt for BJP. No doubt about it. But we have to remember that it is a by-election. The picture will not be that gloom for BJP in the Assembly election and Lok Sabha election. We may also hope some more self-goals from the Prince in near future which would enable BJP to strengthen its forts.

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    Few days ago, Congress-BJP in madhya pradesh got 9-9 equal seats for nagariya nikay election for 'parsad'. BJP as usual used it's full power to win those elections. Ministers-CM was working on that for long time. But Congress managed to share equal number of seats. This was also major blow in M.P. Actually in Madhya pradesh 100 current vidhayak is going to loose as per RSS analysis. Mr digvijay singh is doing Narmada parikrma of 100s of km at the age of 70.
    Also, In Rajasthan 3 seats out of 3 shows the mood of peoples. Actually we understood this by Gujarat election where congress almost touched to majority. People have huge expectations from our government.

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    BJP is like any other party. If they have got complete faith and vote from the public, they have to show the same to the people of India. If they could not able to get the faith with their work, they too can be defeated like previous Government. Only talking is not going to fetch vote for any political party, they have to work for the betterment for the country.

    Gone are those days when people have to vote for the name of the party. The people of India has enough experience now and if the change will require in next general election, it will be done.

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