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    Why is there be a need of independence India?

    Everyone speaks about independence but no one think why is it so important and if it is then now we are independent? I think we are not independent yet as if we are independent then why are we not equal? if we are independent then why do girls of country are not safe and if we are independent then why do poor farmers are dying? No we are not independent yet again there is need for freedom fight but this time it is not fight with Britisher but with our narrow thinking and corrupt people. we once again need to be together for the fight to make NEW INDIA AND COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT INDIA.
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    Just because there are disparities between the people we cannot come to the conclusion that there are not equal. The government has made provisions for the uplift-ment of every society. But due to lack of information, the beneficiaries are not getting the real share. The brokers, the leaders and the in between people are enjoying the benefits and the real ones are missed , so the poor remain the poor. Under T pride scheme the TS government has given cars to the eligible people through bank loans. But those who have close connections in the TRS party have been immensely benefited and not the real needy.
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    Independence was obtained with a view to have our own elected government who will rule the country in stead of some foreigner ruling us. You and me may not know the conditions before independence as we born in independent India. But the people who has seen India before and after independence can appreciate the living condition . When Britishers were ruling us the fruits of our toil is going to their country. But now at least that wealth is remaining in the hands of our fellow Indians.
    Now we have to fight out against the politicians to improve the conditions of living and to eradicated evils in the society.
    Now you have the chance of electing your own leader by casting your vote for the candidate you like. Is it not an improvement.

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    Dr. N.V. srinivasa rao sir, first thing is that country is not independent too when it is ruled by any king even if he is of our choice. Yes, i agree you and me do not know the condition of dependent India and i also know that was worse too but you should be agree for the facts if these Britisher did not come in our country then till now we would be the slave of the family members of those king. Those upper class people would not allow the girls to study in Gurukul. they only study in Paathsaala. Lower class people are not able to have look of temples. They are still be half nude and won't wear slippers.
    That sati pratha and purdha system are continued and even we do not get the knowledge of democracy. We should be thankful to those Britisher due to him we get to know about the power of unity. I know their INTENTIONS were not good but they have given us a lot. They gave us Industries, technology and make one part of India a enemy too.
    Many of them replied, It is independent India here we are allowed to choose our representative, Yes i know we are allowed to choose but have you ever think it really effects Indian that who is standing for the post, who ever would stand, voters will vote to the parties like BJP, congress and all. No one will give to the individual but to the party. So the leaders to whom we choose is won because of the party not because he is good or he will do a good work.
    As in our country we choose a individual less bad from the more bad not a good person.
    But thank you sir for your suggestion and i am not against you, i am just putting my point.

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    I think the author is trying to link Independence to current issues. We are independent but we have forgotten what independence truly means.

    All the adverse events that you have mentioned should not be blamed on Independence. The blame rests on the Indian Society, you, me, the public and the government collectively are responsible for it.

    In my view, we should not criticise or question our Independence for our own shortcomings. Independence also means that we follow the rules laid down by the constitution and our freedom fighters, have good governance.

    Did they or the constitution ask us to make India unsafe for girls? did they want farmers to die(commit suicide), did they say that India citizens and politicians should be corrupt? does the constitution promote killing based on faith?

    The answer to all is a big 'No'. What need now is good governance from all political parties and the public to have good civic sense and good human values. Sadly, this is easier said than done.

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    How such a thought can occur that our country do not need to be independent? If it had not got independence, perhaps the very opinion would not have been raised in English language. Even education was limited only to those who could pay for it. Their education was limited to produce clerks to serve the rulers from England. Indians who got higher education belonged to upper middle class and above. Only limited facilities were there within the country. Those who can afford went to England for higher studies. If we look at the Indian leaders who fought for independence became educationally qualified only from England.
    India's development started only after we got freedom. Now this country has become one of the topmost countries in the world. Of course, our independence allows us to choose our own Government. Let it be any Political Party, it contributes to the development of the country. There may be differences in their approach and the beneficiaries may be different from party to party. However the general developments will be beneficial to everybody. The infrastructure and the industrial developments are not limited to selected people. For example if a dam is constructed it will benefit every person in that area. A road is a common property because everybody needs transportation facility. Good production will have to be increased since population is increasing and also every person should get his/her share as a citizen ( it is not reaching every person because of the inability of the authorities).
    Whatever may be the present situation of independent India We have full freedom to change the authorities at any time, which was not possible before independence. That means we are ruling our country. If we lack something it is because of our inability, which can be rectified by electing more appropriate team to rule us.


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    I shudder to think about such a thing as the title.
    and citizen, our ancestors, present day citizen and leaders for our independence.
    We do not know the value of our eyes when we have healthy vision. It is only when we lose vision we come to know how blessed we were. Let such a regretful situation ever happen to us. Let us feel proud of our independence and freedom; cherish it and nourish it.
    There are many thousands, lakhs and millions elsewhere in the world yearning for independence and freedom. The author could raise this thread thanks to our freedom ,independence and democratic system.
    Nazar na lage!! Bura nazar na lage!!

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