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    What is modernisation according to you?

    What is the meaning & significance of modernization? Explore the various aspects of the concept of modernization.

    In today's world, everyone wants to get modernised. People dress accordingly just to look modern and fancy. They practice all the habits to suit the modern world. But my question is, is physical appearance and the dressing style alone limited to be modern?

    I feel a person's thoughts should change according to today's world and thinking should get broader. Having thinking of several years old and dressing according to latest trend doesn't make a person stylish. I have seen people changing and improving only in physical appearance and lifestyle but not working to have a healthy thinking. One should even change the mentality for good and positive.
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    Modernisation does not only involve only changing the dress to look trendy or fashionable. It involves upgrading ourselves in everything. The way we work, the technologies we use and altogether leads to Modernisation. I doubt whether our thinking has anything to do with being modern.

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    What I feel that being different from others and routine is itself a step towards being modern. And your today's trend becomes the modern statement for the others tomorrow. And as regards to modernisation in real sense, replacing the exiting one with the new one or giving the make over to the exiting one. For example if a congested level crossing is provide with road over bridge or road under bridge is called modernisation. Like wise if the existing roads and building are expanded to accommodate more, that is called the modernisation. And if the students learn through the digi board instead of black board is also called modernisation.
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    Modernization is an all encompassing term that difficult to explain in a single response. For me, modernization is things that can be done in a manner that it has a positive impact on my quality of life, my understand of world without affecting others around me.

    It also depends on the context in which we use modernisation. Our external appearance, luxuries of life, pseudo comforts at the expense of destroying forests, traditions, livelihoods of people and suppresing others is not modernisation.

    Modernization is at it's best if people have the maturity to rationally (no emotional) question existing practices and beliefs, understanding the logic of change or a new thought process before embracing it. It can apply to our dresses (we used to have trendy fashionable clothes made from animal skin and fur but it's lost its value as animals had to suffer).

    We see people putting their parents in old age home and children in boarding schools and enjoying a good social and night life as call themselves modern. To me, this is far from it.

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    I think our Indian culture is still best if we are moving to western culture and thinking we are being modern that means we are still not modern because that culture is useless for India and his culture is based on his country environment if that we follow means we are loosing our culture.
    I we made Indian culture as modern that will be right direction for modernization but I feel some improvement is also required in Indian culture like freedom required for women , service freedom for women etc.

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    Modernisation? Is it for the betterment? I don't know. Thinking modern and doing modern will be a sign of modernisation? We need not physically also look modern and we need not think moderns also. We have to go as per the weather for dressing and we have to do the things the best way it can be done. It may be a modern method or a time-tested old method. I feel if we can think logically for the practices preached by our ancestors, definitely we can find a valid reason for the suggested method or way. Thinking about the Indian culture and finding out the reasoning behind, will give us a feeling that our practices are the best practices.
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    Efficiency screams modernisation to me.
    Doing the same old things more efficiently using machinery and techniques is what modernisation is about.
    That being said, techniques aren't always conventional and people are bound to be objected by them initially.
    We must give people assurance that merely techniques and control methods will not take their cherished culture from them .
    That is true modernisation.
    Efficient people and methods.

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    This thread has been revived as this is an interesting topic for discussing the concept of modernization.
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